FIFA World Cup 2018: Twitter trolls Neymar, man with 'pasta' on his head

Known for his fashion statements around the world, Neymar's haircut for FIFA World Cup 2018 failed to impress many.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Twitter trolls Neymar, man with 'pasta' on his head
Is it pasta? is it noodles? It is Neymar!

FIFA World Cup 2018 is mostly about football and a bit about making a fashion statement. Like every four years, this edition of the football World Cup once again has several international stars sporting a number of styles but it is Neymar, perhaps, who has taken the lead in going a little too overboard.

Neymar came out for Brazil's first match of the tournament - against Switzerland, sporting a blonde lock of hair. Messy on top (we mean the style) and shaved short on the sides, the Brazilian striker may have thought he looked a dapper. Twitter though mostly felt it looked like a bowl of pasta on top of his head.








Haircuts though hardly help define how skilled a player is. And when it comes to skills, Neymar is known to have oodles of it. Just that he could not bring all of it to the field against Switzerland - a side that especially targeted him and kept him in check. While many feel Neymar was guilty of overacting at the slightest touch, it mattered little - one way or the other - in the end.

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