Mancini says financial fair play policies unfair on rich clubs

Updated: Feb 09, 2013, 13:30 PM IST

London: Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has disagreed with the idea of financial fair play (FFP), and he said that it should depend upon a rich club how to spend their money. Following City’s efforts to comply with the FFP plan of UEFA, Mancini said that the rules are not in accord with his notion of fairness, and added he would want to spend money on his team if he was rich.

However, the City boss said that that his club has been working hard to follow the rules set by UEFA and added that in football, it is possible to find good players without spending almost 30 million pounds on a single player. The Italian added any player that would cost a not so rich football around eight million pound is worth three-times the actual value for a rich club like City, saying it’s unfair on them. Agreeing with Mancini, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson also said if people have plenty of money, they can place it anywhere in the world. Ferguson added that UEFA’s FFP system is good in theory, but will be difficult to apply in real life. City was one of six domestic top-flight clubs who voted against Thursday’s Premier League resolution restricting the amount of income that they can spend on players’ wages.