Ferguson ‘revolutionising’ game tactics at Man U with ‘unpredictability’ as key weapon

London: Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson has reportedly initiated a “revolutionary” change in his players’ game tactics to keep the opposition guessing.

Ferguson believes ‘unpredictability’ would the strength of his team’s new strategy, in which his wingers would form a diamond system with four forward players inter-changing positions.

“The game in England and Europe is at such a high level now that making yourself unpredictable is going to be strength. Opponents will have to think if we are going to play two wide players or the diamond because we have players capable of different things,” the Daily Express quoted Ferguson, as saying.

“We have had some success playing with the diamond. But the history of the club has always been to play with wide players, particularly at Old Trafford, so I have a decision to make. If it turns out we play the diamond it would be revolutionary because it is going against our history,” he added.


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