London Olympics 2012 Shooting: Gagan Narang, Sanjeev Rajput, Manavjit Sandhu crash out

Updated: Aug 06, 2012, 13:33 PM IST

Zeenews Sports Bureau

Gagan Narang and Sanjeev Rajput have crashed out of the Men's 50m Rifle 3 Positions qualifying round. They failed to qualify for the finals.

Narang finishd at 20th while Rajput's standing was 27th when qualifying round ended.

Narang failed to win his second medal, but not to forget he bagged the first medal for India at 2012 London Olympics. Here’s an exclusive narrating his journey over the years:
‘Gagan’ Narang on ‘cloud’ nine»


The final of Men's 50m Rifle 3 Positions starts at 5:45 pm (India Time).

This is how the event happened.....


Gagan Narang

Narang shoots 98 in the 3rd series. His total in Kneeling position is 389. Overall- 1164.

Narang shoots 98 in the 3rd series. One series left. He is on verge of elimination.

Narang shoots 97 in the 2nd series.

Narang shoots 97 in the 1st series.

Sanjeev Rajput

Rajput scores 97 in the 4th series. Total in this round is 388. Overall, his score is 1161.

Rajput scores 97 in the 3rd series.

Rajput scores 98 and 96 in the first two series.


Almost no hopes for the Indian shooters Gagan Narang and Sanjeev Rajput in Men's 50m Rifle 3 Positions after Prone and Standing shooting. Narang's total is 378 while Rajput's total is also 378 in the standind round.

Below per shooting by both the Indians-Gagan Narang and Sanjeev Rajput- in the standing round. Narang is at 25th and Rajput at 27th.

Gagan Narang

Narang scores 94 in the 4th series. Total- 377.

Scores 96 in the 3rd series. Total- 283.

Bad shooting by Narang. He shoots only 90 in the 2nd series. It may cost him dear. Total- 187.

Narang shoots 97 in first series.

Sanjeev Rajput

Not so impressive shooting by Rajput. He scores 91 and 96 in 3rd and 4th series, respectively. Total- 378.

Rajput scores 96 and 95 in the firts two series. Total- 191.


The prone round is over and Narang finished at 5th while Rajput was at 20th position.

Gagan Narang: Gagan shoots 99 in 4th series. Total-398 (out of 400) after the prone position. He finishes 5th. Only top 8 shooters go to the final. All the shooters would carry their qualification points to the final.

Perfect 100 for Narang in 3rd series. Total- 299. He is overall 3rd now.

Good start for Narang. He shoots 100 and 99 in the first two. Total after 2 series- 199

Sanjeev Rajput: Perfect 100 for Rajput in 4th series. Total 395 (Out of 400). He finishes at 20th.

Rajput shoots 99 in 3rd series. Total- 295.

Rajput stoots 98 each in firts 2 series. Total after 2 series- 196

Standing after Prone Position

1 SHCHERBATSEVICH Yury (Belarus) 399
2 KHADJIBEKOV Artem (Russia) 399
3 HAN Jinseop (Republic of Korea) 398
4 BRODMEIER Daniel (Germany) 398
5 NARANG Gagan (India) 398
6 ECKHARDT Maik (Germany) 397
7 BUERGE Marcel (Switzerland) 397
8 LAN Xing (China) 397

Narang, Rajput, Sandhu to start

Three Indian shooters-Gagan Narang, Sanjeev Rajput and Manavjit Singh Sandhu- take to field in a short while from now.

Narang, who already won a bronze medal in 10m Air Rifle, competes in Men’s 50m Rifle 3 Positions Qualification. Sanjeev Rajput also competes in the same event where Narang is contesting.

Only the top eight shooters would qualify for the finals.

Manavjit Singh Sandhu

India's shooting campaign ends with Manavjit Singh Sandhu failing to qualify for men`s trap final.


Veteran shooter Manavjit Singh Sandhu, who on Sunday fared dismally and finished 25th out of 34 competitors on day one of the qualification round of the men`s trap event, starts the Day 2 qualifications round. He has extremely slim chances of making it to the finals.