Hamilton says ‘sans-error’ weekend can see him win Canada GP

London : McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton is hoping that an error-free weekend can result in his first race win of the season at the Canadian Grand Prix next weekend.

Although, Hamilton has failed to win any of the races till now in the Grand Prix, the 27- year-old concedes to being unsurprised by that fact, given the mistakes that have proliferated his race weekends.

“It`s not hard to look forward at all. I`m excited for every race, and whatever happens in a race, I always lift myself up and get myself pushing again,” Hamilton said.

The season has been tough on the Formula One driver because of series of technical and mechanical glitches by Mc Laren, who have let him down on numerous occasions.

However, Hamilton remains unfazed over the errors and stressed on giving his best, like any other race.

“I`ll be in the gym working as hard as I can, I`ll get my mind in the same frame it has been in every race, making sure I`m doing my job - which I am,” he added.

Asked if he could believe he has yet to win a race yet this year, Hamilton replied, “I can, yeah. For what reason, though, I really don`t know. We haven`t had a grand prix weekend where something hasn`t gone wrong.”

“It really wasn`t great when we lost positions to Fernando, and then to the Red Bull by such a short period of time, I don`t know, half a second or something. But we still got points, even though it wasn`t the best of weekends,” he said.

Formula One made history in Monaco on Sunday as Red Bull’s Mark Webber`s triumph signaled to six different winners of the opening six Grand Prix.