Lewis Hamilton up for some major changes

Updated: Mar 13, 2013, 17:26 PM IST

London: Things are changing fundamentally for Lewis Hamilton, who now has a new car, new team, new approach and new era.

Hamilton, 28, now has a new 22 million pound candy-red jet, a bulldog puppy called Roscoe, and new tattoos. He has also signed up for Mercedes - one of the greatest car manufacturers the world has ever known, reports the Daily Mirror. Hamilton says he is finally able to be himself.

He said he feel he can express myself better nowadays. He also said that switching teams was more for personal reasons than professional.

Despite the rapper friends, a stunning pop-star girlfriend in Nicole Scherzinger, and a host of tattoos, Hamilton says he has his wild side firmly under control - and by ``wild side`` he means skiing or sports like rock-climbing.

Hamilton admitted that it was his inexperience that led him to be impatient in the past. However, he says he is more patient now, which he attributes to his age, and added that he hopes it impacts on his racing too.