Schumacher wants new team orders rules

Monza: Seven-times champion Michael Schumacher said he was willing to help Formula One create a new team orders rule in the wake of the sport`s latest controversy.

Following Ferrari`s escape from further punishment after apparently breaking the team rules regulation at this year`s German Grand Prix, where Felipe Massa gifted victory to Fernando Alonso, the sport`s ruling body has asked F1`s Sporting Working Group to review the ban on team orders.

Schumacher benefited from team orders during his time at Ferrari, most notably when Brazilian team-mate Rubens Barrichello pulled over to let him win the Austrian Grand Prix in 2002.

He said, "Our sport has different interests and it is maybe at this moment in time necessary to find a very clear situation that is understood by everybody.”

"It (the current team orders rule) is maybe a little bit more open than what we wish it to be. I am pretty sure that the teams and the FIA (International Automobile Federation) will give their best efforts to clarify the situation and make it clear to everybody."

Schumacher was not prepared to tell reporters what his views on reform of the ruling would be, but the Mercedes driver said he felt ready to talk to all parties involved in private.

"I have a very clear position on what I think about team orders, but I don`t think there is a very clear rule or comment that would clarify easily everybody`s interests," he said.

"It needs a really thoughtful discussion and not lots of people spreading out ideas without any sense. So there is no point now in giving you some hints.”

"I would like to sit together with the right people and discuss it then, if you don`t mind, and then come up with a very clear situation."

When asked to clarify that he actually wanted an active role in the team orders discussions, Schumacher said, "This would be ideal. But I don`t think I am going to be invited.”

"Naturally, I have given advice in this respect and here and there I do get the question, and I express my opinion. But you see in the media and this environment that every so often people have this magic idea.”

"But, if you think everything through, you find some grey spots on it. So there is no point discussing those issues in public at least."


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