China to enhance sports facilities for the public

Beijing: As part of its bid to encourage general public to lead a healthy lifestyle, China has decided to increase space for people to exercise.

According to a five-year plan released Monday, the Chinese government has vowed to increase the nation`s expanse of public sporting areas to 1.5 square metres per head of population by 2015, Xinhua news agency reported.

Under the plan drafted by the National Development and Reform Commission, or the country`s top economic planner, and the General Administration of Sport, the government will construct more public sports facilities in next three years.

It will guarantee people`s right to exercise and encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The central government will annually earmark funds to ensure each county has suitable conditions to build a stadium, and half of all cities or regions of the same administrative level have indoor sports centres designed for residents of all ages, according to the plan.

It has also been decided to continue providing sports facilities for residents in central and western regions, and support villages in those areas to build a hard court for basketball and two outdoor ping pong tables.