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Indian-origin man faces jail for photographing underage boy

A 41-year-old Indian-origin man in Singapore is facing 10 years in jail after pleading guilty to charges of arranging a minor's sexual tryst with a part-time model and photographing them in a hotel room.

'China concerned about domestic unrest in Xinjiang, Tibet'

China is likely to remain concerned about potential unrest or terrorist acts in Xinjiang and Tibet regions leading to renewed human rights abuses, a top American offical told lawmakers here on Thursday who expressed concern over massive Chinese military modernisation.

Hong Kong may yet take 'meaningful' step to democracy: Britain

Britain's foreign secretary on Thursday said Hong Kong could still take a "meaningful step" towards democracy after mass protests posed the most serious test to the city's stability since its handover to China.

Pak inducts China-built Eagle AWACS into air force

Pakistan air force on Thursday inducted the advanced China-built Karakoram Eagle AWACS aircraft, capable of detecting hostile aerial and sea surface targets far before ground-based radars regardless of their height.

Lankan FM on maiden visit to China on Friday

Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera will embark on his maiden visit to China on Friday to hold talks with the top leadership here on some of the big- ticket Chinese investments, including the USD 1.5 billion Colombo port project that is being reviewed by his government.

US flies most advanced surveillance plane from Philippines

The United States has begun flying its most advanced surveillance aircraft, the P-8A Poseidon, out of the Philippines for patrols over the South China Sea, the US Navy said on Thursday, acknowledging the flights for the first time.

Myanmar military wins rare praise in war with ethnic Chinese rebels

Fighting between the Myanmar Army and ethnic Chinese rebels has handed the long-feared military a public relations coup, with an explosion of praise on social media and even former political prisoners expressing grudging support.

600 toilets to be build under China's "toilet revo-loo-tion"
600 toilets to be build under China's "toilet revo-loo-tion"

China plans to build 600 'three-star-rated' toilets in one of the country's most popular tourist areas as part of its "toilet revo-loo-tion".

Rice meets Chinese State Councilor Yang, discuss N Korea, Iran

US National Security Advisor Susan Rice has met Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi in New York and the two leaders agreed to strengthen coordination on regional and global challenges, including North Korea and Iran.

China's top court says no to West's model of judicial independence

China`s top court has urged officials from the ruling Communist Party to shun Western-style judicial independence and reject "erroneous Western thought", state media said on Thursday, as controls over the media, dissent and the Internet are tightened.

World powers 'have given up' in Iran nuke talks: Netanyahu
World powers 'have given up' in Iran nuke talks: Netanyahu

In his sharpest criticism yet, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday that world powers "have given up" on stopping Iran from developing nuclear weapons in ongoing negotiations.

Iran 'forever forbidden' from having nuclear arms: Kerry

Iran is "forever" banned from building a nuclear weapon under an existing international treaty, top US diplomat John Kerry said on Wednesday, seeking to dismiss fears that limits on its programme imposed in a new deal may eventually be lifted.

Fireworks send tiger plunging from Chinese high-rise: Report
Fireworks send tiger plunging from Chinese high-rise: Report

A seven-month-old tiger fell to its death from a Chinese high-rise building, state media reported on Wednesday, apparently frightened by Lunar New Year fireworks.

Suspended sentence for 81-year-old Chinese dissident writer

A famed 81-year-old Chinese dissident writer was given a suspended two and a half year prison sentence on Wednesday on charges of running an illegal business, apparently because he published articles critical of the country's propaganda chief.

China mulls anti-terror law to tackle domestic, global threats

 China is planning to promulgate its first anti-terror law next month to address growing concern over terrorism at home and help maintain global security after a spate of violent extremist attacks in Paris and Copenhagen.

Mohamed Nasheed's arrest Maldives' internal affair: China

China on Wednesday declined to react to the arrest and ill-treatment of former Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed, saying that it is the internal affairs of Maldives and its government has the capacity to deal with the "domestic" issue.

100 mn people gift 'lucky money' via apps on Chinese New Year

 More than 100 million people sent gift money amounting to USD 652 million via mobile apps during the ongoing Chinese Lunar New Year holiday, according to an e-payment system run by Chinese Internet giant Alibaba.

Kim Jong Un's aunt Kim Kyung Hee dead or alive?

Over a year after the shocking execution of her husband Jang Song Thaek, speculations about the fate of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's aunt Kim Kyung Hee are being reportedly made.

Fireball seen in night sky in US West was likely Chinese rocket

 A fireball spotted streaking across the night sky late on Monday in the western United States was almost certainly the body of a rocket used by China in December to launch a satellite, an astronomer said Tuesday.

Hong Kong mulls restrictions on Chinese tourists

Hong Kong`s leader said Tuesday that the government is looking to restrict the number of Chinese tourists entering the city, following a public backlash over the influx of mainland visitors.