Discover China: Unraveling ancient Suzhou City

China is a fascinating country with amazing geographic and cultural diversity, stunning natural beauty, abundant historical treasures, progressive development, and friendly people with the social maturity that 5,000 years of civilization brings.

China's first regional jet delivered

The plane is China's first regional jet to be manufactured according to international standards.

China vows to lift remaining 70 million above poverty line by 2020

China's top leadership has pledged resolute measures to lift the remaining 70 million poor people above poverty line by 2020 which amounted a million a month.

Boxing: Sarita Devi, Shiva Thapa in Indian team for China exposure trip
Boxing: Sarita Devi, Shiva Thapa in Indian team for China exposure trip

The 10-day sojourn will see the Indians square off against boxers from China, Thailand, Mongolia, and Korea.

China meets pollution reduction targets ahead of schedule

Emissions of ammonia nitrogen and nitrogen oxide had also declined by 9.8 and 8.6 percent.

'Big brother' attitude of India unacceptable: Nepalese leader

Nepal will not accept the "big brother" attitude of India though it intends to maintain cordial bilateral relations with the country, a senior leader of ruling Nepalese CPN(UML).

China police bust online gun ring, seize 1,180 guns: Report

Police in China, where gun possession by ordinary people is illegal, have busted an online gun selling operation, seizing 1,180 guns and more than 6 million bullets, the state news agency Xinhua reported on Saturday.

China on alert for heavy fog

Hebei, Henan, Shandong, and Hubei provinces will see heavy fog from Saturday evening to Sunday, with visibility of less than one km in some areas, the NMC said.

Stop seeing China as an adversary, says IAF chief
Stop seeing China as an adversary, says IAF chief

Calling for mature statesmanship from India and China, Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha on Saturday said the country should not look at China as an adversary anymore.

'Centenarian' panda celebrates birthday in China

The world's second oldest panda celebrated its 35th birthday -- an equivalent of more than 100 human years -- on Saturday in China's Fuzhou city.

Philippines gets 1st fighter jets in a decade amid sea feud

The Philippines on Saturday received the delivery of two Korean-made fighter jets the country's first supersonic combat aircraft in a decade as it strengthens its underfunded military amid an escalating territorial feud with China.

Large Chinese military fleet flies near Japan islands: Reports
Large Chinese military fleet flies near Japan islands: Reports

The planes -- eight bombers, two intelligence gathering planes and one early-warning aircraft -- flew near Miyako and Okinawa on Friday.

Rising lake levels in China threaten migratory birds

Rising lake levels in China threaten migratory birds

China's army to get more prominent role in military reform

China`s army will get a more prominent role under military reform proposals announced this week and there will also be more help for those who lose their jobs as a result of the changes, the Defence Ministry said on Friday.

China's navigation satellite system doing well after tests

The three satellites launched this year for China's indigenous navigation satellite system are sending twice as many signals as their predecessors, said the system designer after completing tests on the new units.

Chinese rights activist jailed for 6 years

"He wasn't guilty of anything at all. This sentence is unacceptable and unfair".

China's biggest broker Citic probed for 'rule violations'

Citic Securities, China's largest brokerage firm, said Thursday it is being probed for alleged "rule violations", while several of its directors are already the subject of separate investigations.

Outspoken Miss World Canada denied entry to China

Miss World Canada Anastasia Lin was prevented from boarding her connecting flight in Hong Kong.

China reduces sentence of journalist to 5 years from 7

An imprisoned 71-year-old Chinese journalist has had her sentence reduced to five years from seven following an appeal, her lawyer said today.

China's 1st mother-daughter womb implant draws mixed reactions

A robot assisted in removing the mother's uterus before doctors transplanted it into the daughter's body.