Hockey India will hold polls in June or July: Batra

New Delhi: Delhi High Court`s verdict to set
aside government and IOA`s order to derecognise IHF is not a
revival of the KPS Gill-led body and Hockey India will held
its election in June or early July, HI secretary general
Narendra Batra said on Sunday.

The Delhi High Court on Friday quashed the Centre`s 2008
order of de-recognising Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) after
its secretary K Jothikumaran was caught on camera in a sting
operation accepting bribe to select a player.

Batra said Hockey India was unperturbed by the judgement
and it doesn`t affect them in anyway.

"The recent hon`ble High Court judgement in favour of
Indian Hockey Federation does not in any way affect Hockey
India and its functioning," Batra said in a HI release.

"In the judgement in Para 76 at page 42, it is stated as
follows. Instead of again panicking about the revival of IHF,
it requires to be seen how interest of Hockey in India can be
best served ... which means this order is not revival of IHF.”

"Hockey India now has 30 state/UT as its members and 4
institutional/Boards as members. These members consist of both
men and women units in their respective states. These 34
members are verified and approved by state Olympic Bodies,
IOA, GOI MYAS observers, election observer and FIH observer.

"All this is being done to have free, fair and
transparent elections of Hockey India in June or early July
2010. And to see and ensure that interest if Hockey in India
is best served," he added.

Batra also questioned why Government took eight years to
de-recognise IHF.

"As per GOI MYAS Guidelines Annexure III ... (it) is
clear, that to be Affiliated with GOI MYAS, the Unit has to
have Affiliation of its International Body.”

"Now that IHF is no longer recognised by its
International Body since 2000, then why did GOI MYAS wait from
2000 to 2008 to disaffiliate them can be best clarified by
them," Batra said.

IHF was disaffiliated by FIH in 2000 and on November 4
Indian Hockey Confederation was formed comprising both men and
women factions, according to IOC charter. FIH approved the
affiliation of IHC in its congress in 2001.

However, in 2008 FIH disaffiliated IHC as from 2000 till
date it did not held a single AGM or election. Soon Hockey
India took over from IHC in 2009.

"As on today it is only Hockey India which has
affiliation of IOA, AHF and FIH and that is what is required
under IOC charter and FIH charter," Batra said.

"IHF officials seem to be stuck in their illusionary
world as it existed in 2000. IHF is only men`s body and FIH or
IOC or AHF do not acknowledge only Men`s body anymore. It is
high time IHF officials woke up to reality."



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