Phelps stays mum on comeback in Rio Olympics

Washington: Former US Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps has been working out with his former coach once again but there is no word yet on a return to swimming for the Rio Olympics.

According to The Huffington Post, swimming coach Bob Bowman revealed that Phelps has been taking part in workouts with the North Baltimore Aquatic Club but he is not yet committed to the sort of grueling program that would be needed if he decided to return to competition.

Phelps also attended an NBA preseason game in China on Friday, visiting a country where he has extensive endorsement deals and remains extremely popular, the report said.

Bowman said that the swimmer was occasionally training with the group to get back in shape.

Initially adamant he would never compete again, Phelps softened his stance this past summer after reports began swirling of an imminent comeback, the report added.

When asked, yes or no, whether he`ll compete at the next Olympics, Phelps coyly said he hasn`t planned that far ahead in his life, according to the report.