Pistorius looking to settle previous lawsuit ‘confidentially’

Zeenews Sports Bureau

Pretoria: South African Paralympic hero who has recently been embroiled in a murder charge Oscar Pistorius is now apparently holding ‘confidential’ talks to resolve a previous lawsuit.

Having seen enough of the courts in recent times, Pistorius’ attorney confirmed that the man popularly known as the Blade Runner wanted to resolve a lawsuit against a woman who had accused him of assault without really going through the entire court process.

"There are confidential settlement negotiations underway," his attorney, Gary Pritchard, confirmed.

Pistorius is suing his former neighbour Cassidy Taylor-Memmory who accused him of slamming a door on her face during a party at his place back in 2009. The charge led him to spending a night behind bars before the charges were dropped by the police.

"It was a couple of years back. He claimed damages to his reputation from her," Pritchard said of the $200,000 lawsuit.