`Bad boy` McEnroe feels it is time for `shake up` in tennis

Sydney: American tennis legend John McEnroe feels that it is time for a shake up to come in the sport.

McEnroe said that one cannot just stand on ones heels and do nothing, adding that they have got to keep trying to do things to grab more fans.

According to News.com.au, McEnroe has devised a manifesto to make tennis, a sport dominated by Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray, `edgier` as it is getting dull.

McEnroe`s has sketched five-point to make tennis more exciting and the plan includes `no umpires or linespeople`, saying that one would have a system where the players would call their own lines which would make things a whole lot edgier all of a sudden as one could challenge it.

McEnroe also feels that there should be `no warm ups` and said that it would make it interesting as people would ponder over who is the best starter and one could build it up like boxing then.

The American legend also wants that there should be a `no towels` rule in tennis.

McEnroe also feels that there should be `no 25-second rule for slow servers` as one should go with the flow of the match, saying that sometimes it is almost better.

McEnroe`s final rule is that there should be `no high fives` and said that high-giving doubles players when they miss returns should also be against the rules.

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