Pakistani official to urge Afghans to stop blame for attacks

Pakistan`s foreign policy chief will meet Afghan leaders on Friday in an effort to ease tensions over attacks by militants who Afghanistan says are based in Pakistan.

Pakistani Kashmir to expel 11,000 Afghans: Police

Pakistani Kashmir is set to expel some 11,000 illegal Afghan refugees under a national anti-terror plan announced in the wake of the country`s worst ever militant attack, police said Thursday.

Americans still confusing Sikhs for Muslims: Study

More than a decade after 9/11, Americans who come across a turban-wearing Sikh are still prone to mistaking him for a Muslim, according to a study released on Monday.

Pakistan arrests 105 terror suspects

At least 105 terror suspects, including Afghans, were arrested here on Saturday as part of the Pakistan government's offensive against militants after the Taliban's deadly school attack in the city.

At least 21 drown, dozen missing in Istanbul migrant boat sinking

At least 21 people, including children, drowned and a dozen were missing on Monday when an overloaded boat taking migrants towards EU waters sank in the Black Sea just off Istanbul, Turkish officials said.

US weapons for Afghans may end up with Taliban: Audit

Washington and Kabul have failed to keep track of hundreds of thousands of weapons provided to Afghanistan, raising the risk that some could end up in the hands of insurgents, a US audit said on Monday.

Government introduces liberal visa policy for Afghans

In a relief to hundreds of visiting Afghans, India on Monday announced a new liberal visa policy for the citizens of the war-ravaged country.

Afghans hail peaceful election, high turnout exceeds predictions

Afghans celebrated a largely peaceful election on Saturday, as turnout exceeded predictions despite Taliban threats to disrupt the vote to choose President Hamid Karzai`s successor.

Four Afghan election workers kidnapped: Official

An Afghan election commission official says four election coordinators were kidnapped in Afghanistan`s restive Nangarhar province, which borders neighbouring Pakistan.

One million Afghans suffer from drug addiction

Nearly one million Afghans have been suffering from drug addiction, according to a report issued here Saturday.

Germany hands over military base to Afghans

Germany is handing over a key military base in northern Afghanistan to local security forces as part of the gradual pullout of Western forces in the coming years.

US to hand prison over to Afghans

The US military is handing over to the Afghan government the only detention facility in the country that was under American control.

400,000 blind people live in Afghanistan

The health ministry said some 25,000 Afghans lose sight of at least one of their eyes annually.

Afghans extends deadline on private security ban

Afghan government is giving companies extensions ranging from a few weeks to 90 days to change from private security guards to a government-run force.

Iran General urges Afghans to fight US

A senior Iranian military commander
urged Afghans to use force to kick American troops out
of their country.

US troop detained over shooting of Afghans: NATO

Nato says a US service member has been detained for allegedly shooting Afghan civilians.

US, Afghans reach deal on handover of prisons

Afghan and Western officials have come to an agreement on the issue of handover of detention facilities from US to the Afghan government.

Suspicion rises between Western advisers, Afghans

Shoulder to shoulder is the mantra of
the NATO-Afghan military partnership.

Afghans say 41 child suicide bombers rescued

The Afghan government said Monday that police had rescued 41 children from becoming suicide bombers.

More than 2,000 Afghans rally, denounce Pakistan

The protesters are denouncing Tuesday`s suicide bombing in Kabul.