NATO starts anti submarine exercise in North Sea as tension with Russia rise

NATO launched one of its biggest-ever anti-submarine exercises in the North Sea on Monday, inviting non-member Sweden for the first time, amid increasing tensions between Russia and its northern neighbours.

Georgia PM appoints pro-West defence chief with eye on NATO

Georgia`s acting prime minister Irakli Garibashvili on Friday appointed a staunchly pro-Western politician as his new defence minister in a move aimed at boosting the country`s efforts to join NATO.

Russia may be readying for new Ukraine offensive: NATO commander

Russia`s military may be taking advantage of a recent lull in fighting in eastern Ukraine to lay the groundwork for a new military offensive, NATO`s top commander told the U.S. Congress on Thursday.

Austria, backed by 159 nations, calls for ban on nuclear weapons

Austria on Tuesday called for banning nuclear weapons because of their catastrophic humanitarian effects, an initiative it said now has the backing of 159 countries.

NATO calls for `comprehensive response' to migrant crisis

The plight of migrants in the Mediterranean requires a "comprehensive response", NATO`S head Jens Stoltenberg said on Monday, adding that the alliance would help by trying to stabilise countries in the region.

Afghan President Ghani arrives in India on three-day visit

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani arrived in India on Monday night on a three-day state visit, his first after becoming president seven months ago.

Taliban launch spring offensive with rocket attack on US base

Taliban insurgents shot rockets onto a US base outside Kabul and targeted Afghan government buildings in a provincial capital on Friday, as they officially launched their spring offensive in a year that has already seen fierce fighting.

NATO voices doubt over IS link in fatal Afghan bombing

NATO officials have voiced doubt over claims that the Islamic State group was behind a fatal bombing last week billed as the first major attack by the jihadists in Afghanistan.

Afghan Taliban announce `spring offensive` to start Friday

 The Afghan Taliban said their annual "spring offensive" will begin on Friday, vowing nationwide attacks in what is expected to be the bloodiest fighting season in a decade as NATO forces pull back from the frontlines.

Turkey calls for more help to stop foreign fighters

 Turkey appealed for more help Tuesday in cracking down on foreign fighters flooding to join militant ranks in Iraq and Syria, revealing it had placed 12,800 people on a no-entry list.

Taliban kill 3 police, kidnap 19 de-miners in Afghanistan

 Afghan Taliban militants have abducted 19 people working for a land mine clearance project in an eastern province, a local official said on Monday.

NATO chief concerned at increase in Ukraine violence

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg voiced concern on Thursday over an increase in violence and movements of heavy military equipment in eastern Ukraine, saying they were undermining the Minsk peace agreement.

Resurgent Russia worries Finns, but NATO not an option

 After 25 years of tranquil post Cold War relations, Finns are once again worried about the threat posed by their resurgent eastern neighbour Russia, though they remain firmly opposed to joining NATO.

Romanian, US, British troops stage NATO-planned exercises

Some 2,200 Romanian, US, British and Moldovan troops will take part in military exercises in Romania, close to the Ukrainian border, beginning this week.

Britain says scrambles Typhoon jets to see off Russian bombers

Britain has scrambled Typhoon fighter jets to intercept two Russian long-range bombers near UK airspace, the Ministry of Defence said on Tuesday.

Russian Navy ships in English Channel, heading for drills: Ifax

Ships belonging to the Russian Northern Fleet entered the English Channel on Tuesday and will hold anti-aircraft and anti-submarine defence drills in the northern Atlantic, Interfax news agency quoted Russia`s Defence Ministry as saying. 

Ukraine ceasefire under pressure as four-way talks resume

The French, German, Russian and Ukranian foreign ministers met to review a shaky ceasefire in separatist-held east Ukraine Monday as surging fighting around hotspots put fresh pressure on the accord.

Germany calls on Russia, Ukraine to move to next phase of peace deal

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has called on Russia and Ukraine to set in motion the next phase of the shaky Minsk peace accords aimed at stopping the fighting in east Ukraine, ahead of talks about their implementation in Berlin on Monday.

Suicide bomb, roadside blast kill 15 Afghan civilians

A suicide car bomber targeting foreign troops killed three Afghan civilians on Friday, while a dozen people on their way to a wedding were killed in a separate roadside blast, officials said.

Libya risks long war, extremist rise as talks drag on

As talks between Libya`s rival factions drag on, experts say there is little hope of a political deal and are warning of protracted civil war and a rise in Islamic extremism.