Danger in the skies as Russia, NATO play cat-and-mouse

Recent close shaves between Russian fighters and civilian aircraft highlight the dangers of the cat-and-mouse game being played out between Moscow and the West in European skies amid the crisis in Ukraine, analysts say.

Russia blames hash for Sweden`s report of fighter near-miss

 Russia`s ambassador to Denmark on Wednesday made light of Swedish concerns over a Russian military jet`s alleged near-miss with a passenger plane, suggesting Swedish authorities may have smoked too much cannabis.

Taliban suicide attack on Afghan bank kills 10

Taliban militants detonated a suicide bomb and stormed a bank in southern Afghanistan on Wednesday, killing five police and five civilians as the country endures a rise in violence as US-led NATO troops pull out.

Spy row as Kremlin agent in Estonia tells all on Russian TV

In a rare disclosure by a spy agency, Russia`s secret service has revealed it had an agent inside the secret police of NATO neighbour Estonia for 15 years.

Russia denies military jet near miss with airliner over Sweden

Russia`s defence ministry on Sunday denied a report by Swedish military that a Russian military plane nearly collided this week with a passenger plane over Sweden.

Multiple attacks kill 20 in Afghanistan as NATO deadline looms
Multiple attacks kill 20 in Afghanistan as NATO deadline looms

Taliban insurgents killed at least 20 people in a series of gun and suicide attacks in Afghanistan on Saturday, underlining worsening security as US-led NATO forces end their combat mission in the country.

UN backs agreement for NATO to train Afghan forces

The UN Security Council is strongly backing the new agreement for NATO to train, advise and assist Afghanistan's security forces starting January 1.

Departing US general says Afghan forces "inept" at basic motor repairs

The US general who brought the NATO coalition`s combat operations in Afghanistan to an end this week after over 13 years of war said Afghan security forces were "inept" at basic motor maintenance and were struggling to sustain troop numbers. 

Kosovo earns Olympic recognition, Serbia furious
Kosovo earns Olympic recognition, Serbia furious

Kosovo was granted full International Olympic Committee membership on Tuesday, rubber-stamping the Balkan region`s first Games appearance at Rio de Janeiro in 2016 but angering Serbia, who accused the IOC of political bias.

NATO intercepts Russian bombers over Baltic Sea

NATO warplanes intercepted a "significant" force of six Russian nuclear-capable bombers over the Baltic Sea, the alliance said in the latest such encounter amid tensions with Moscow over Ukraine.

'Key commanders' among 30 militants killed in Pakistan

Pakistani airstrikes have killed at least 30 militants including a local warlord's "important commanders" in the country's restive northwest where the military launched a major offensive this year, officials and militant sources said on Monday.

NATO closes Afghan command centre as combat winds down

Flags were lowered at Kabul airport Monday as the US-led NATO force in Afghanistan held a ceremony to mark the closure of its combat command centre after 13 years of fighting the Taliban.

40 NATO soldiers return to Poland from Afghanistan

 A group of 40 NATO soldiers stationed in Afghanistan have returned to Poland, with the remaining 60 expected to come back by January, 2015, a media report said Monday.

US Defense Secretary in Kabul as NATO war winds down

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel arrived in Kabul on Saturday on an unannounced visit to Afghanistan in the final weeks of NATO`s 13-year war against the Taliban.

UN urges speedy formation of new Kosovo government

The UN envoy for Kosovo is urging the parties to a power-sharing agreement to speedily form a new government, saying six months of political squabbling following elections in June has damaged the country.

EU, NATO to strengthen defence cooperation

 European Council President Donald Tusk and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg have agreed to continue close cooperation in Europe.

Iraq will ask NATO for help training its security forces

Iraq plans to ask NATO for help training its security forces, the alliance said on Wednesday, months after the Iraqi army collapsed in the face of an offensive by Islamic State militants.

Afghanistan ready to assume security responsibility: Pentagon

Afghan forces will be prepared to assume security responsibility after the complete withdrawal of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) at the end of this month, the Pentagon has said.

Germany wants NATO, Russia to restart dialogue

Germany urged NATO on Tuesday to resume dialogue with Russia to avoid the risk of military misunderstandings in and around Ukraine getting "completely out of control."

NATO steps up to Russia, but back from Afghanistan

NATO nations on Tuesday agreed to bolster its defenses against Russian aggression, continuing the military alliance's return to its founding mission by focusing on nearby threats as it steps back from more than a decade of combat in Afghanistan.