French warship arrives in Egypt: Media

A French warship bought by Egypt as part of a multi-billion-dollar defence deal arrived Friday near Alexandria, official media said, days after Cairo took delivery of a first batch of Rafale fighters.

Policeman, 3 civilians injured in attack near church in Egypt's coastal city of Alexandria

A policeman and three civilians were injured after unidentified gunmen opened fire at a security point guarding a church west of the coastal city of Alexandria in Egypt.

Militants attack church and police in Egypt, one policeman dead

Islamist militants hit Egypt`s two largest cities on Sunday with a bombing in Cairo and an attack on a church in Alexandria, leaving one policeman dead and seven people wounded, security sources said.

Policeman, 3 civilians injured in attack near church in Egypt

A policeman and three civilians were taken injured after unknown gunmen opened fire at a security point that was guarding a church west of the coastal city of Alexandria in Egypt, a security source said.

One dead in bombing near French supermarket in Egypt

A bomb blast outside a branch of French supermarket giant Carrefour killed one person and wound six on Sunday in the Egyptian city of Alexandria, police said.

Five blasts in Egypt's Alexandria wound 10: Interior Ministry

Suspected Islamist militants bombed three police stations in Egypt`s second city Alexandria on Tuesday, wounding 10 people, and also targeted two other locations, an interior ministry official said.

`Islamist` protester killed in clash with Egypt police: Officials

An "Islamist" protester was killed in clashes with police in Egypt`s second city Alexandria on Sunday, officials said, as the country marked the fraught anniversary of its 2011 popular uprising.

NY Times reporter questioned in court in CIA leak case

New York Times reporter James Risen refused on Monday to answer all but a few basic questions in court about his book detailing a failed CIA effort to undermine Iran`s nuclear weapons program, in a case that has become a flashpoint for press freedom.

Gunmen kill policeman in Egypt's Alexandria

Gunmen killed a policeman and wounded three others in a drive-by attack on a patrol in Egypt's second city Alexandria on Sunday, a security official said.

Greek man 'hoarded thousand coins of historical significance'

An elderly Greek man was arrested for illegally obtaining a host of antiquities including more than a thousand coins of historical significance, police said on Monday.

Gunmen kill five Egyptian police

Five Egyptian police were killed during a shootout with assailants in the northwest of the country, security officials said.

Egyptians slow to vote on extra day aimed at boosting turnout

Egyptians were initially slow to vote on a hastily added third day of a presidential election on Wednesday after lower-than-expected turnout threatened to damage the credibility of the man widely forecast to win, former army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

Egypt cops jailed for 10 years for killing activist

An Egyptian criminal court sentenced two policemen to 10 years in jail for killing a political activist in 2010, which resulted in the mass protests that toppled president Hosni Mubarak in 2011, media reported.

Egyptian student killed in campus clashes

Clashes between rival Egyptian students at a university in Alexandria killed at least one student on Thursday, a supporter of ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, police said.

Islamists hold scattered protests across Egypt

Supporters of Egypt`s ousted president are holding scattered protests across the country calling for the release of detained female protesters.

Egypt police resort to tear gas at pro-Morsi protests

Egyptian police fired tear gas to disperse thousands of supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood group during the fresh clashes in Alexandria and Suez on Friday.

Muslim Brotherhood supporters hold fresh march in Egypt

Pro-Morsi supporters held protests in several regions of Egypt on Friday to demand reinstatement of ousted president Mohamed Morsi.

Egypt boat wreck: 12 migrants drown to death

A boat has capsized near the Egyptian port of Alexandria on Friday killing 12 migrants mostly from Syria and Palestine.

Egypt clashes: Four pro-Morsi supporters killed

At least four people died in clashes on Friday as supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi mounted their boldest marches since troops crushed their protest camps demanding his reinstatement on August 14.

Tomb of Alexander the Great found in Greece?

Speculation is rife about an artificial mound which was discovered near the Greek capital as it could be the final resting place of Alexander the Great.