Vaquita population drops to 60; scientists ponder captive breeding!

Vaquita population drops to 60; scientists ponder captive breeding!

However, as per the scientists, this procedure would be highly risky and is probably a desperate effort to save the porpoise population.

3 Syrians detained in St Maarten, 1 stopped in Honduras

Honduran officials said a Syrian woman and two Pakistanis were detained yesterday after they crossed into the country by bus from Nicaragua.

Family says Pakistan to execute paraplegic man within days

The decision has been widely condemned by rights groups.

Saturn's geyser moon Enceladus gives off lustrous shine

Saturn's geyser moon Enceladus gives off lustrous shine

Cassini is the first spacecraft to orbit Saturn, and it has been circling the planet since 2004.  

Here`s how millennials consume paid media content

A new study has explored how millennials consume paid media content.

AP journalist`s killer in Afghanistan jailed for 20 years: CEO

An Afghan policeman who shot dead a Pulitzer Prize-winning Associated Press photojournalist was imprisoned for 20 years over the weekend, after his death sentence was commuted, the AP`s CEO said in Hong Kong on Monday.

Longtime Hollywood reporter Bob Thomas dead at 92

He was the institutional memory for the movies at The Associated Press and a passage for the world to a Hollywood both longed for and long gone.

Polls suggest 2013 wasn`t America`s best year

About half of Americans expect 2014 to be a better year than 2013, according to the recent AP-Times Square New Year`s Eve poll.

Former FBI agent pleads guilty in secrets leak case

A former FBI agent is pleading guilty to charges he leaked secrets to journalists about a failed terror plot in a case marked by the controversial seizure of reporters` phone records, US prosecutors has said.

Need balance between national security, media freedom: Obama

The Obama administration is in the middle of a controversy related to intrusion into the phone call records of reporters and editors of the Associated Press.

US Govt seizes telephone records of AP journalists

In what comes as a further constraint on freedom of the press, the US Government has secretly seized the telephone records of journalists of the Associated Press.

`Dozens` of layoffs at Associated Press: Guild

The US news agency the Associated Press (AP) laid off dozens of employees as part of a plan to reduce its global payroll by 10 percent this year, a union statement said.