US has 'concerns' over Russian missile system: US official

The United States has for more than a year been leading a coalition that has flown more than 8,000 bombing runs against Islamic State targets in Syria and Iraq.

US sanctions Syria for buying oil from Islamic State group

The United States imposed sanctions on Wednesday on supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government, including a middleman it alleged buys oil for the regime from the Islamic State group.

Iran general Soleimani lightly wounded in Syria

General Qassem Soleimani, commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards' foreign operations wing, was lightly injured in fighting against Syria rebels near Aleppo, a monitoring group and a security source said on Wednesday.

Heavy Russia raids in Syria area where plane downed: Monitor

Russian warplanes carried out heavy raids in Syria's northern Latakia province a day after Turkey downed one of Moscow's jets in the area, a monitoring group said on Wednesday.

Minister talks planned on downed plane: Turkey

Turkey's Foreign Ministry says the foreign ministers of Turkey and Russia have agreed to meet for talks over the downing of a Russian warplane.

Hundreds of activists hurl stones at Turkish embassy in Moscow

Several hundred young activists on Wednesday hurled stones and eggs at Turkey's embassy in Moscow and brandished anti-Turkish placards after Ankara downed a Russian warplane on the Syrian border.

ISIS 'poster girl' beaten to death after trying to escape Syria

Samra, a 17 years old girl who joined ISIS with 15 years old Sabina was the poster girl of ISIS. Samra while trying to escape was killed by ISIS.

Turkey gets oil from areas under ISIS in Syria, says Vladimir Putin

Russian President, Vladimir Putin has said that Turkey is supporting ISIS because Turkey gets oil from the areas under ISIS in Syria.

Erdogan says Turkey does not want escalation with Russia

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday said Turkey did not want any escalation with Russia over its downing of a Russian plane on the Syrian frontier but vowed to always defend Turkish borders.

Vladimir Putin sends air defense missiles to Syria to deter Turkey

President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday ordered state-of-the art air defense missile systems to be deployed at a Russian air base in Syria following the downing of one of its warplanes by Turkey, a move that raised the threat of a military confrontation between the NATO member and Moscow.

Islamic State 'poster girl' beaten to death by jihadists
Islamic State 'poster girl' beaten to death by jihadists

17-year-old Samra Kesinovic had travelled to Syria along with her friend Sabina Selimovic in April 2014.

Turkey has the right to defend its airspace, says Obama

Turkey's action of downing Russia's fighter plane is being supported by US President Barack Obama as he says that Turkey has the right to defend its Airspace. Zee News is the highly popular Hindi News channel of India’s largest television network ZMCL.

NATO head urges 'calm, de-escalation' after Russian plane downed
NATO head urges 'calm, de-escalation' after Russian plane downed

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said on Tuesday that the military alliance stands by key ally Turkey after it shot down a Russia fighter jet on the Syrian border but urged both sides to try to calm the crisis.

Watch: After fighter jet, Russian chopper blown up in Syria
Watch: After fighter jet, Russian chopper blown up in Syria

The helicopter was destroyed by the Free Syrian Army's 1st Coastal Brigade when it was on the ground.

French warplanes hit IS command center near Mosul: Official

The aerial assault, which took place around 1830 GMT, was conducted jointly with the US Air Force and last about five hours, the French defense ministry said in a statement.

One of Russian pilots shot down by Turkey is dead: Military

The general said the Su-24 "fell in Syrian territory, four kilometres from the border".

'Russia welcome in anti-IS coalition it changes Syria stand'

We agree that Russia could play a more constructive role if it were to shift the focus of its strike to defeating ISIL," Obama said.

Assad must go as soon as possible: Hollande
Assad must go as soon as possible: Hollande

France and the US held the meeting to strengthen the coalition against the Islamic State in the wake of the horrific Paris terrorist attack by the dreaded terror group.

Turkey downs Russian jet it says violated its territory

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg called on all parties to be prudent and to contribute to reducing tensions.

NATO head urges calm, de-escalation after Russian plane downed

Russia insisted its aircraft was in Syrian airspace.