Average people healthy enough for space travel: Study

Average people with common medical problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes are healthy enough to tolerate commercial flights to space, a new study has found.

Shrink-wrapping 'second skin' spacesuits come closer to reality
Shrink-wrapping 'second skin' spacesuits come closer to reality

A new research has revealed about the future spacesuits that may be a lightweight stretchy garment lined with tiny muscle-like coils to contract and essentially shrink-wrap the garment around astronauts' body in response to heat.

Astronauts can run faster on moon surface than previously thought
Astronauts can run faster on moon surface than previously thought

Scientists have found that astronauts can actually walk faster on the moon than what was previously thought.

Intense workout during long space flights can improve astronauts' heart health
Intense workout during long space flights can improve astronauts' heart health

A new study has revealed that Intense workout during long space flights can help astronauts protect their aerobic capacity.

NASA screens new vehicle to send astronauts into space

NASA, which spends nearly $71 million for each one-way trip for astronauts to space using the Russian Space Shuttle, is planning for NextGen spacecraft that suits its needs.

Huge asteroid set to wipe out life on Earth in 2880

A fast-spinning asteroid will pass close by earth in the year 2880 and an Armageddon-style blasting it into pieces may not be a good idea.

Study warns of sleeping pill risk for astronauts

Widespread use of sleeping pills by slumber-deprived astronauts could hamper vigilance in the high-risk environment of space, a study warned on Friday.

Giant holes in Moon could shelter future astronauts

According to the new observations from NASA`s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) spacecraft, there are over 200 lunar pits that could provide shelter to the future astronauts.

NASA sends odour-resistant dress for astronauts

NASA has sent an Antares rocket to the International Space Station (ISS) carrying a Cygnus spacecraft stuffed with supplies for astronauts, including odour-resistant exercise clothing.

India, Australia experiment man-robot tasks on Mars

Indian and Australian space scientists and students are carrying out experiments to compare how well human astronauts and robotic vehicles can work together and perform tasks on Mars.

Now, just pinprick of blood could provide astronauts with correct medical diagnosis

ESA is building a prototype tester for crews on the International Space Station to provide diagnoses within a few minutes from a pinprick of blood.

Soon, ISS astronauts to brew fresh, hot coffee in space

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) will soon be able to enjoy better quality of coffee while at work, courtesy- the ISSpresso machine.

SpaceX unveils its new space capsule `Dragon V2`

California-based company SpaceX on Thursday unveiled its new gorgeous spacecraft, `Dragon V2` at its headquarters amid glitz and glamour.

Robots to replace astronauts for space repair works

Soon, spacewalks can be a thing of the past. While robots are replacing humans on earth in various walks of life, a Canadian robot is repairing and fixing cameras on the ”Canadarm2” and its mobile base at the International Space Station (ISS).

Astronaut sows first fresh vegetable in ISS` space `garden`

NASA last week announced that it has activated a plant growth system on the International Space Station.

Soon, Boeing spacecraft to send astronauts in space

Boeing is entering into a new domain of space-bound flight operations. Boeing has unveiled a mock up of the interior of their new Crew Space Transportation (CST-100) vehicle that will be used to astronauts into space in the coming years.

Radiation exposure puts astronauts at risk of cognitive impairment: Study

Scientists have claimed that rats exposed to high-energy particles, simulating conditions that astronauts would face on a long-term deep space mission, show lapses in attention and slower reaction times, even when the radiation exposure is extremely low.

Astronauts repair dead computer outside International Space Station

Two US astronauts successfully fixed a replaced a dead computer on Thursday, working outside the International Space Station (ISS).

Spacewalking astronauts complete urgent repair job

Spacewalking astronauts replaced a dead computer outside the International Space Station today and got their orbiting home back up to full strength.

NASA`s space vegetable project to soon provide lettuce to astronauts

NASA will launch the Vegetable Production System aboard SpaceX`s Dragon capsule on Monday.