Romania ex-prime minister freed after corruption sentence

Romania`s former prime minister Adrian Nastase, sentenced to four-and-a-half years in jail for his role in two corruption cases, was released from prison on Thursday.

Romania parliament ratifies EU-Moldova association agreement

Romania`s Senate Thursday approved the draft law to ratify the European Union (EU) association agreements with Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia.

The Deputies` Chamber, the lower house of parliament, adopted the draft laws for the ratification Wednesday.

Romanian president`s brother to remain in custody

A court Friday rejected an appeal of the Romanian president`s younger brother, following which he will have to remain in custody for a month.

Romanian President`s brother arrested in bribery case

Police have arrested the brother of the Romanian president on suspicion of taking a bribe and using the president`s name to promise he could get a prison sentence reduced.

Russia to face tougher sanctions if Ukraine polls undermined: Joe Biden

Tougher sanctions must be imposed on Russia if it undermines crucial presidential elections in Ukraine on Sunday, US Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday in Bucharest.

ICC has never targeted any African country: ICC President

The president of the International Criminal Court said on Thursday it has never targeted any African country, calling such criticism "regrettable".

Turkish airliner makes emergency landing

A Turkish plane had to make an emergency landing near Romania`s capital city of Bucharest, following a conflict among passengers on board.

Romanian plane struck by lightning on landing

A plane belonging to Romanian national air carrier has been struck by lightning as it landed in Istanbul. Nobody was injured.

Over 50 injured in Romania tram smash

Officials say 52 people were injured when a tram smashed into two stationary carriages in Bucharest during rush hour.

Romania`s new left-leaning government is approved

Romanian lawmakers have approved a new left-leaning Cabinet that is expected to continue a slate of economic reforms.

Romanian PM announces govt resignation

The Romanian Prime Minister says he and his government will resign immediately to protect the stability of the country.

Inside Romania`s secret CIA prison

The existence of a CIA prison in Romania has been widely reported, but its location has never been made public.