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C-section may increase risk of blood clot in vein, claims study

Women are four times more likely to suffer from blood clots in veins after a cesarean-section delivery compared to a vaginal birth, according to a new study.

Delivery by caesarean section raises kid's obesity risk

Although caesarean section deliveries are a necessary lifesaving procedure in many cases, they also include known risks to mothers and newborns.

Vaginal seeding: What is it and why is it an unsafe practice?

This method was applied for caesarean babies since studies showed that the process can partially reduce the difference between the biomes of babies delivered by different methods.

Planning for a C-section by choice? Know the risks!

While C-sections are required to safe the life of a mother and baby, they carry more risks compared with a vaginal birth. 

Caesarean deliveries in pvt hospitals two times more than govt facilities

74.7 per cent per cent of deliveries at private hospitals in West Bengal were through caesarean section, while government facilities accounted for only 28.1 per cent.

Normal deliveries safer than cesarean: Doctors

Doctors attending the conference also noted that by 2020 India and China would be the centres of cancer deaths.

WHO target cesarean delivery rate may be `too low`

Two new studies have challenged the three decades of public-health wisdom, suggesting that the international guideline on the optimal rate of cesarean delivery is too low.

Moms beware! C-section may harm your baby's 'concentration'

Soon to be moms need to think twice before opting for a C-section, as a new study has revealed that the process could impact the baby's ability to focus on a particular thing.

No link between caesarean sections, autism: Study

A new study has claimed that babies born via caesarean section are not at any greater risk of developing autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

I did not have a C-section: Hilaria Baldwin

I did not have a C-section: Hilaria Baldwin

Alec Baldwin's wife Hilaria, who is receiving a number of comments expressing concern over her health after she posted a selfie just two days after giving birth, said she had a normal delivery.

Woman in US gives birth to quintuplets in four minutes

A woman has given birth to five baby girls in four minutes at the Houston hospital in US.

Too posh to push? Beware! C-section boosts child`s risk of obesity

A new study conducted by researchers suggests that babies born by caesarean section are more likely to struggle with obesity later in life.

Katie Price to give birth early via C-section

After suffering complications with her pregnancy, model Katie Price is preparing to give birth early via Cesareans section.

Heavy mums-to-be likelier to have c-section

Women with more than a 16 kg (30 lbs) weight gain during pregnancy are at an increased risk of vacuum extraction delivery or Cesarean section (C-section), Researchers from Norway say.

C-section can increase risk of infection: Study

Caesarean operations can carry a high risk as every one in ten women especially those who are obese or diabetic develop an infection after the procedure, a new study has claimed.

C-section may double risk of childhood obesity: Study

Babies born by Caesarean section are twice as likely to become obese than their naturally-delivered counterparts, a new researchers has claimed.

`Curbing C-sections could save countries billions`

Putting a halt to medically unnecessary cesarean sections could save more than $2 billion a year worldwide, a new study estimates.

`Curbing C-sections could save countries billions`

Putting a halt to medically unnecessary cesarean sections could save more than $2 billion a year worldwide, a new study estimates.

C-Section raises blood clot risk

New advice for pregnant women: If you`re getting a C-section, special inflating boots strapped on your legs may lower the risk of a blood clot.

C-section babies become obese later

Lack of exposure to beneficial bacteria in the birth canal could explain the link.