Obesity in pregnancy puts child at diabetes risk: Study

Women who are obese while pregnant may put their offspring at risk of childhood diabetes, a condition that requires lifelong insulin therapy, Swedish researchers said Tuesday.

Kim Kardashian trying her best to get pregnant

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has reportedly hired a fertility chef, pregnancy personal trainer, as well as cupping therapist in a bid to get pregnant again.

FOGSI panel recommends influenza vaccination for pregnant women

An expert panel has recommended immunisation of women against influenza during pregnancy to protect mothers and their babies from serious health complications.

Frozen semen earmarked for Washington giant panda

 The National Zoo in Washington is hoping to get its giant panda Mei Xiang pregnant this spring after taking delivery of frozen panda semen from China for the first time.

Naya Rivera flaunts blooming baby bump in bikini

Actress Naya Rivera has showed off her blooming baby bump in a bikini.

One in three US mothers spaces pregnancies too close

 For about a third of US mothers, the inter-pregnancy interval is less than one and half years, says a new study.

Panel discussion on gangraped woman's plea for abortion rejected by Gujarat HC

A gangraped woman's plea for abortion who sought to terminate her 28-week pregnancy was rejected by Gujarat High Court.

Ancient baby teeth analysis can make our kids healthy

An analysis of biochemical composition of children's teeth can provide insights into the baby's health and lifespan as well as that of the mother, says a study.

Gestational diabetes may increase risk of autistic baby

 Mothers who develop diabetes during the first 26 weeks of pregnancy may have a higher risk of having a baby who will develop autism, a study published in the American Medical Association's JAMA Internal Medicine journal said.

Theo Rossi, wife expecting first child
Theo Rossi, wife expecting first child

Actor Theo Rossi and his wife Meghan McDermott are expecting their first child together on a date which happens to be his birthday.

Study links diabetes in pregnancy to higher autism risk

When pregnant women develop gestational diabetes early in pregnancy, their children may face a higher risk of developing autism, researchers said Tuesday.

Meet 65-yr-old mother of 13 kids who's now pregnant with quadruplets!

 A 65-year-old European mother has become the world's oldest mother of quads as she is pregnant with quadruplets and already has 13 kids.

WHO warns against unnecessarily resorting to C-sections

World Health Organization (WHO) has said that Caesarean sections should be performed only if medically required, as it carries health risks for both women and their babies.

Amelie Mauresmo announces pregnancy
Amelie Mauresmo announces pregnancy

Former world number one Amelie Mauresmo announced her pregnancy Thursday, with the baby due in August.

Exercise during pregnancy benefits male offspring more

Male offspring appear to benefit more than females from the positive effects of exercise during pregnancy, says a new study.

Maternal drug use may alter brain's functions in newborns

 Drug use during pregnancy may disrupt the functional connectivity in the part of your baby's brain that plays an important role in arousal regulation, says a new study.

Fish oil helps unborn children develop immunity: Study

 An Australian study has found evidence that women taking fish oil capsules during pregnancy help their babies develop strong immunity when they are born.

Effects of smoking may be seen in unborn babies

The harmful effects of maternal smoking during pregnancy may be reflected in the facial movements of babies in the womb, according to researchers who studied 4-D ultrasound scans of foetuses.

Why some women can't say no to junk food

Eating a healthy diet during adolescence could reverse the junk-food cravings in males but not females, reveals a fascinating research.