Newly pregnant? 5 things to take care of to avoid preterm delivery

Pregnancy is certainly the most beautiful period of a woman's life. But, one has to be cautious to support a healthy pregnancy.  

Moderate coffee while pregnant doesn`t harm baby's IQ

Coffee-lovers rejoice! If you were worried about giving up joe during pregnancy, then relax. A new study has revealed that women drinking and eating moderate amounts of caffeine during pregnancy are not harming their child's intelligence.

Pregnant Rani is perfectly fine: Spokesperson
Pregnant Rani is perfectly fine: Spokesperson

 Actress Rani Mukerji, who is expecting her first child with her husband filmmaker Aditya Chopra, was hospitalised here. Her spokesperson has confirmed that she is "perfectly fine and all is well".

Moderate resistance exercise good during pregnancy

Traditionally, swimming, walking and other mild physical activities, along with resistance exercise, are often recommended for pregnant women. 

Avoid cosmetics during first trimester for a healthy baby

Besides cosmetics and lotions, the list of products that expectant mothers should avoid during first trimester.

Most parents form vaccination preferences before conception

Researchers at the North Carolina Children's Hospital surveyed 170 mothers and fathers in the postpartum ward who had given birth between February and April 2015. 

How post-baby weight gain affects you

 Moms, you may want to be extra cautious on your weight during and after pregnancy as a recent study has suggested that the unhealthy pregnancy weight gain can tip the scales for mothers seven years later.

New simple test detects post-pregnancy diabetes risk

 A team of researchers has come up with a simple test that can detect diabetes risk after pregnancy.

Regular pre-pregnancy exercise helps ward off pelvic pains

You may want to start regularly exercising before pregnancy as a team of researchers has found that doing so may protect you against so-called pelvic girdle pain as the fetus grows.

Men too experience antenatal blues

As per a recent study, antenatal depression affects men too, revealing that a first baby is a reality check as dads suddenly find they are no longer the centre of attention.

Carrie Underwood finds her bottom nicer than before
Carrie Underwood finds her bottom nicer than before

Singer Carrie Underwood says her post-baby body is different, but she's embracing the changes.

Woman delivers baby on board Mumbai local

A pregnant woman delivered a baby boy in a Central Railway local on Tuesday.

Revealed! The best sexual position to get pregnant

The position you and your partner assume during and immediately after having sex, can 'significantly' alter your chances of becoming pregnant.

Kim K claims pregnancy is the 'worst thing' happened to her
Kim K claims pregnancy is the 'worst thing' happened to her

 Kim Kardashian, who is pregnant with her second child, has recently shared her feelings about being pregnant and it looks like pregnancy is not her cup of tea.

Why more sex is better to increase chances of pregnancy

The results could eventually influence recommendations regarding how often to engage in sexual intercourse for couples trying for a baby. 

Controversial model aborts baby for cosmetic surgery!
Controversial model aborts baby for cosmetic surgery!

A controversial model, who was expecting her fourth child, has revealed she terminated the pregnancy at 12 weeks so that she could go ahead with plastic surgery to launch her porn career.

Grandmom's smoking may increase asthma risk in grandkids

 Children with grandmothers who smoked during pregnancy may have an increased risk of asthma even if their mothers did not smoke, according to a new study.

Dengue during pregnancy can increase premature birth risk

Getting infected by the dengue virus during pregnancy, especially those who are in the second or third trimester, can increase the risk of premature birth, say doctors.

Grandma's smoking habit ups asthma risk in grandkids

 If grandmothers smoked while they were pregnant, there was an increased risk of asthma in grand-children even if their mothers did not smoke during pregnancy, a significant study has revealed.

US woman throws newborn with umbilical cord attached from 7th floor

A woman who apparently hid her pregnancy from her boyfriend, gave birth in his home and then tossed her newborn daughter out a seventh-story window to her death was arrested on murder and manslaughter charges, police said.