China hospital offers men to experience 'labour pains'

Zee Media Bureau/Shruti Saxena

New Delhi: It's indeed true that a women gets a new life after she delivers a baby. But, it's not that easy. In an unusual news, a hospital in China is offering fathers-to-be a chance to get a taste of labour pains.

About 13 percent new mothers avoid sex

Have you rejected love-making calls from your hubby after childbirth? Take heart as you have not committed a sin.

Obesity before pregnancy linked to premature births

Women who are obese before they become pregnant face an increased risk of delivering a very premature baby, especially those that occur prior to 28 weeks of pregnancy, says a study.

Active pregnant women could give birth without medical intervention: Study

A new study has revealed that women who indulge in more activities during pregnancy are more likely to give normal birth.

`I can` mentality can help shed extra fat

Want to maintain your slim figure years after childbirth? Develop an "I can" mentality whenever confronted with barriers to your everyday physical activities, a study suggested.

Maternal health: Despite progress, India has highest number of deaths

Healthcare system in India seems to be improving in the last ten years as far as maternal deaths are concerned. According to a report released by the United Nations (UN), the country has witnessed a decline in maternity mortality rates between 1990 and 2013.

Maternal cardiac arrest more common than reported: Study

Maternal cardiac arrest, which means that the mother`s heart stops beating either before or after childbirth, may be two times more common than previously reported, research shows.

`Love hormone` oxytocin could help treat anorexia

A new study has revealed that love hormone oxytocin, which is released during sex, childbirth and breastfeeding, could treat anorexia.

How parents-to-be can prepare for childbirth

Pregnancy, the period between conception and childbirth, can be a testing time for parents-to-be, especially for expecting women, but with proper mental and physical preparation this trying time can turn into a beautiful experience for both of them.

Andhra Pradesh: 16-year-old girl kills her newborn baby after secretly giving birth

A 16-year-old girl student allegedly threw her newborn baby from the window of her school hostel following which the infant died, police said.

Fear of childbirth triples risk of postpartum depression

Pregnant women who fear childbirth are at an increased risk of postpartum depression, it has been revealed.

Longer maternity leaves help reduce postpartum depression risk

A new study has warned that women, who return to work sooner than six months after giving birth, are at greater risk of developing postpartum depression than those who take longer maternity leaves

How hypnosis can make childbirth pain-free

Experts have claimed that a specific method of hypnosis, supposedly used by the likes of Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian during childbirth, could make labor pain-free.

One in 5 women aged 40 suffer from accidental bowel leakage

A new research suggests that 15 million women aged 40 and older (1 in 5) suffer from accidental bowel leakage.

Childbirth not major contributor to women`s sexual dysfunction

Researchers have revealed that women`s childbirth history is not significantly associated with their likelihood of reporting low sexual desire.

Not all obese women are at childbirth risk!

"Healthy" obese women, who have given birth to a baby before, are at lesser risk than first-time mums of normal weight, according to a new study.

Orgasms during childbirth are real

When we talk about childbirth, what comes in our minds is pain, but a new study has revealed that some women also experience what are known as orgasmic or ecstatic births.

Now, dolphin-assisted childbirth trending among expectant couples

Dolphin-assisted childbirth is an option that some expectant parents are embracing, claiming it is a more natural, relaxing way to deliver a baby.

Minor gives birth to child in Dehradun

A 14-year-old gave birth to a child in a hospital here with her family alleging that she was sexually exploited by a man known to them.

Pregnancy may give women bigger feet: Study

Pregnancy may increase a woman`s foot size permanently, a new study has claimed.