Former Chinese official apologizes for insulting Mao Zedong

 A former Chinese Communist Party official`s apology for insulting revolutionary leader Mao Zedong sparked heated debate on Wednesday as both supporters and detractors hurled insults online.

French, China FMs to join Iran talks Thursday: Diplomat

 French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi are to fly to Vienna to join Iran nuclear talks, a French diplomat said Wednesday.

China climate pledges easily achievable, experts say

China`s pledges ahead of a major climate change conference in Paris lack ambition and are easily achievable, experts said Wednesday, adding Beijing could offer more.

Indian Ocean cannot be backyard of India: China
Indian Ocean cannot be backyard of India: China

The Indian Ocean cannot be a backyard of India which navies of other countries could not visit, according the Chinese ministry of defence here.

Military hotline between India, China to be set up soon

A military hotline between the armed forces headquarters of India and China is expected to become operational soon, according to defence ministry officials here.

''China's military does not believe in pre-emptive strikes''
''China's military does not believe in pre-emptive strikes''

 China`s military strategy is based on a "peaceful approach" and it believes in solving its disputes with other countries through "dialogue and discussion", the country has claimed. It also said it does not believe in pre-emptive strikes.

Modi's greetings to Chinese counterpart goes viral

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s greetings to Prime Minister Li Keqiang on the 94th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party’s establishment has gone viral in China.

South Korea waives visa fees to attract tourists amid MERS
South Korea waives visa fees to attract tourists amid MERS

South Korea on Wednesday said it would waive visa fees for visitors from China and Southeast Asia as it struggles to recover from the MERS outbreak which has seen tourist numbers plummet.

Ghost schools a window into China`s one-child policy future

Rusty padlocks seal empty classrooms and blank graduation certificates litter a dusty, silent school corridor in Rudong, a haunting glimpse of China`s ageing future in a town which pioneered the one-child policy.

PM Modi greets Chinese Premier Li on birthday

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wednesday greeted Premier Li Keqiang on his 60th birthday, posting a message for the Chinese leader on his Weibo account.

China passes national security law: Officials

China`s rubber-stamp legislature passed a wide-ranging new national security law Wednesday, officials said, as concerns grow that Beijing is enforcing ever-tighter limits on rights.

Hong Kong expects large pro-democracy rally as it marks 1997 handover

 Some seven months after Hong Kong police forcibly cleared pro-democracy street protesters from the streets, tens of thousands of people are expected to rally for free elections on Wednesday as the city marks the 18th anniversary of its return to China. 

Climate, economic ties top agenda as Chinese PM Li Keqiang visits France

China's Prime Minister Li Keqiang made a long-awaited pledge to curb carbon emissions during a trip to France today where he also signed trade deals worth billions of euros.

China sets CO2 target, garners praise

China, the world`s top CO2 polluter, promised Tuesday to peak emissions within about 15 years, in a move widely hailed as a boost for the global effort to curb planet warming.

Beware: Fake rice made from plastic on sale in Kerala

Reports suggest that rice made of plastic, believed to be made from China, is being sold in South India.

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China's rising divorce rate sign of women's progress: Experts

 China's divorce rate has gone up since 2003 and over three million couples have split last year, a phenomenon experts believe symbolises the awakening of feminism and social progress for women in the world's most populous country.

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China to unveil UN climate pledges imminently: Li

China is about to submit its long-awaited national pledges to reduce carbon emissions beyond 2020, ahead of the Paris climate summit, Premier Li Keqiang said Monday.