Gunfight in western Mexico kills at least 44: Officials

At least 44 people were killed on Friday in a gunfight in western Mexico between government forces and suspected drug gang henchmen, officials said, one of the bloodiest days of violence to shake the country under President Enrique Pena Nieto.

Violence haunts Mexico`s election campaign

 One murdered candidate, others threatened, bodyguards assigned to gubernatorial wannabes and calls for a boycott: The June election campaign in Mexico`s Wild West is off to a rough start.

A blast and gunfire: Mexico`s chopper battle

 A blast and gunfire rattled the hamlet in western Mexico where a drug cartel brought down a military helicopter in an intense battle that left three troops dead and three more missing.

More flames in cartel-hit Mexican state

 Mexican authorities investigated Saturday whether a drug cartel was behind new car fires in Jalisco state, a day after the gang lit up the region in attacks that left three soldiers missing.

Mexican vigilante cleared over deadly drug cartel clash

 The founder of a Mexican self defense group was freed from custody on Monday after a judge cleared him and his followers of wrongdoing in a deadly December clash with a drug cartel.

Mexico captures Knights Templar cartel leader: Police

Mexican federal police captured Knights Templar drug cartel leader Servando Gomez on Friday, taking down one of the country`s most wanted fugitives, a federal official told AFP.

Six killed in Mexican police raid

Mexican police shot and killed six people on Thursday during a raid in a state wracked by drug cartel violence, an official said.

Colombian football club laundered money for cartel: US

Colombian football club laundered money for cartel: US

The owner of top-flight Colombian football team Envigado used the club and his influence to support narcotics trafficking and money laundering by a dangerous drug cartel, the US Treasury Department said Wednesday.

Suspected Mexican drug cartel leader extradited to US

An alleged leader of Mexico`s Sinaloa cartel arrived in San Diego after being extradited to the United States from the Netherlands.

Brazil police say major drug cartel dismantled

Brazilian police has said they had dismantled a massive drug cartel with operations in 30 countries and sales of at least USD 2.3 million a week.

Mexican vigilantes kill 5, demobilisation begins

Five suspected drug cartel supporters are dead after vigilantes fighting the Knights Templar cartel in western Mexico engaged in a shootout with them on the outskirts of one of the cartel`s last strongholds.

Mexico arrests mayor for drug cartel extortion

Prosecutors in western Mexico arrested the mayor of a city that once served as a stronghold of the Knights Templar drug cartel on charges that he helped the gang extort money from city council members.

Mexico kills Knights Templar drug cartel leader

Mexican marines killed a leader of the Knights Templar drug cartel on Monday, three weeks after the cult-like gang`s top chief was gunned down, officials said.

Mexican reporter threatened for story: Daughters

The daughters of a reporter slain in the Mexican state of Veracruz told authorities that a woman angered by one of his stories had threatened to have a drug cartel kill him.

Chilling note found alongside severed heads in Mexico

A chilling note was found alongside the heads and dismembered bodies of four people Thursday in the Mexican state of Michoacan where vigilantes are battling a drug cartel.

Mexico forces in deadly clash with vigilantes

Mexican government moved in to quell violence between vigilantes and drug cartel in Michoacan but campaign turned deadly with confrontation between soldiers and civilians who were unarmed.

US charges Mexican ex-governor with helping drug cartel

US prosecutors have unveiled criminal charges against a former Mexican governor accused of helping drug smugglers operate freely in his state in exchange for millions of dollars in bribes.

Mexico catches drug cartel leader dubbed `Ugly Betty`

Mexican police have detained the alleged leader of the Juarez drug cartel, a 47-year-old man known as "Ugly Betty," authorities said.

Seven Nigerians, one Burmese arrested for drug smuggling

With 7 Nigerians, 1 Burmese woman`s arrest Delhi Police claimed to smash an international drug, fake currency cartel and which had registered companies using fake documents to channelise black money.

Drug nexus cases: Goa panel to summon top cop

A legislative panel probing the alleged drug nexus involving peddlers, policemen and politicians in Goa will summon top cop Kishan Kumar to appear before it.