In 2014, missing students buried `Mexico`s Moment`

Mexico finally seemed poised to write the drug war`s final chapter this year -- the world`s most wanted cartel kingpin was captured, homicides fell and the world hailed economic reforms.

Norway denies asylum to Mexican who interrupted Nobel ceremony
Norway denies asylum to Mexican who interrupted Nobel ceremony

Norwegian authorities have denied the request for political asylum by a young Mexican who interrupted the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony held in Oslo Town Hall, Norwegian television channels reported.

Mexico taxi drivers file complaint over Uber, Cabify apps

Representatives of 10,000 Mexico City taxi drivers have brought an illegal transportation complaint against the owners of the smartphone applications Uber and Cabify and this capital's mobility secretary.

One missing student identified in Mexico

At least one of the 43 Mexican students who went missing in Guerrero state in Mexico in September has been identified from the charred remains of the bodies, media reported Sunday.

Mexico City police chief resigns amid protests over missing students

Mexico City's police chief, Jesus Rodriguez Almeida, under fire for the police response to the protests over the disappearance of 43 trainee teachers, has resigned, media reported Saturday.

Mexico police arrest drug kingpin`s uncle

 Mexican authorities arrested the uncle of one of the countries most notorious and most wanted drug lords, the head of the Knights Templar cartel, officials said Friday.

Six killed in Mexican police raid

Mexican police shot and killed six people on Thursday during a raid in a state wracked by drug cartel violence, an official said.

Protest over 43 missing Mexicans erupts in violence

A peaceful rally over the presumed massacre of 43 Mexican students ended with violence in the capital Monday, as the president`s popularity sank to new lows on his second anniversary.

Mexico says goodbye to beloved comedian, `Chespirito`

Tens of thousands of fans filled a Mexico City stadium Sunday to say goodbye to "Chespirito," comedian Roberto Gomez Bolanos, whose beloved TV characters entertained generations of Latin American children.

Mexicans occupy police academy over students'' kidnapping

 Hundreds of people occupied a police academy in the Mexican state of Guerrero to protest over the abduction and supposed murder of 43 students in September.

Mexico President seeks to dissolve local police forces

Mexico`s embattled president unveiled sweeping reforms Thursday to dissolve corruption-plagued municipal police forces nationwide amid an outcry over the role of gang-affiliated authorities in the presumed slaughter of 43 students.

Mexican President unveils reform bill to fight organised crime

 Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto announced Thursday a 10-point reform bill that will unify Mexico`s multi-layered police forces and stop collusion between government officials and local gangs.

Mexico leader plans to dissolve local police forces

Mexico`s president announced plans Thursday to dissolve the country`s corruption-plagued municipal police forces, in a sweeping security reform amid a crisis over the role of gang-linked police in the presumed massacre of 43 students.


Embattled Mexico leader to unveil anti-corruption plan

Mexico`s embattled President Enrique Pena Nieto will unveil Thursday a plan to combat corruption in a bid to contain a crisis over the apparent massacre of 43 students by a police-backed gang.

11 burned bodies found in southern Mexico

Mexican authorities say they have found the partly burned bodies of 11 men dumped on the side of a road in the southern state of Guerrero.

Obama discusses immigration changes with Mexican President

The leaders of the United States and Mexico spoke Wednesday to discuss President Barack Obama`s executive actions to overhaul aspects of America`s immigration system.

Mexico President Pena Nieto forced into action over 43 missing students

Two months after 43 students vanished in the night, change is afoot in Mexico: Protests have swept the nation, sounding a wake-up call for the President to finally tackle corruption and police brutality.

Saudis and Russia hold talks ahead of OPEC meet

OPEC members Saudi Arabia and Venezuela were meeting with officials from fellow oil producers Russia and Mexico here Tuesday against a backdrop of sliding crude prices, sources told AFP.

Mired in crisis, Mexican President aided by discredited opposition

Deep anger over the apparent massacre of 43 trainee teachers has plunged Mexico`s Enrique Pena Nieto into his worst crisis as president, but with no credible opposition in sight, mass protests look unlikely to force him from power.

Former police official arrested over students'' disappearance in Mexico

A former deputy police chief and suspected member of the Guerreros Unidos ("United Warriors") drug cartel, that allegedly, is involved in the disappearance of 43 students in Mexico earlier this year, has been arrested, official sources said.