Glaucoma medication may treat drug-resistant TB

 A common medication used to treat glaucoma - an eye disorder that causing gradual loss of sight - could also be used to treat tuberculosis, even the drug-resistant kind, says a new study.

Wearing contact lenses may change eye bacteria

Wearing contact lenses daily may alter the eye microbiome, according to a new study which may explain why contact lens wearers are at increased risk of certain eye infections.

David Miller expresses shock, sadness over Kolkata constable's eye injury
David Miller expresses shock, sadness over Kolkata constable's eye injury

Kings XI Punjab batsman David Miller on Friday expressed shock and sadness over the loss of Kolkata constable Alok Aich's right eye after a ball that hit him last Saturday.

IPL 8: David Miller’s Six sees Kolkata Police constable lose an eye
IPL 8: David Miller’s Six sees Kolkata Police constable lose an eye

During the recent Kolkata Knight Riders' (KKR) home match at the Eden Gardens against last placed Kings XI Punjab, David Miller's six off Andre Russell proved to be a costly affair.

'Conjunctivitis, if left untreated, can cause sight threatening internal infections'

Conjunctivitis, or pink eye, is the most common eye problem that affects people of all age groups. It is also one of the most common eye infections in children.

How to motivate yourself to hit the bull's eye

 Do you tend to put off an important task till the eleventh hour, often resulting in embarrassment and loss Well, you can get rid of this habit by thinking of deadlines in terms of days, and not months or years, suggests a new study.

New insight into preventing eye disease

Nerve cells and blood vessels in the eye constantly “talk” to each other to maintain healthy blood flow and prevent disease, finds a new research.

Now, get your eye exam on a smartphone

A new smartphone-assisted gadget that can examine your eyes in the comfort of your home without the presence of a doctor has been developed.

Harry'd need binoculars to see what new comrades can with naked eye

When Prince Harry begins patrolling with Australia's mostly indigenous NORFORCE regiment, he will need binoculars to see what his new comrades can with the naked eye, a professor said on Wednesday.

A pinch of baking soda for better sight?

A pinch of baking soda can help people see better by modifying the visual signal generated by photoreceptors in the eye that detect light, say researchers.

Know why passion fruit is good for health!

Passion fruit which is an aromatic fruit has sweet and tangy flavour.

Every eighth Indian above 40 has glaucoma: AIIMS

 Every eighth individual in India above the age of 40 is suffering from glaucoma or is at a high risk of developing it, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) here said on Wednesday.

Man injures boy's eye in Bihar to take revenge

A man in Bihar's Nawada district injured a little boy's eye, leading to its loss of vision, after the boy's family failed to pay Rs 10,000 compensation for hurting his son's eye during play, police said on Tuesday.

Key to preventing blindness and stroke devastation discovered

A team of scientists has discovered key to preventing blindness and stroke devastation.

Eye tracking technology can gauge brain injury

Researchers have developed a new technology that can assess the location and impact of a brain injury merely by tracking the eye movements of patients as they watch television for less than four minutes.

Mel B was left with one blind eye post 'botched' laser surgery
Mel B was left with one blind eye post 'botched' laser surgery

Melanie Brown has revealed that she is blind in her left eye because of a laser surgery that went wrong 15 years ago and is now planning to go for a 'life-changing' operation to fix it.

DNA: Punjab eye camp tragedy, 60 patients lose eyesight

60 persons have lost their eyesight after an operation at a free medical camp organised by an NGO in Gurdaspur district of Punjab, civil and medical authorities said on Thursday.

Eye's 'glassy' proteins behind sight deterioration

The age-related long-sightedness could be due to proteins in eye-lens that are converted from a fluid solution to a solid glassy state, making the lens more rigid, says a study.

Blueberries don't improve night vision

 Contrary to claims by health food advocates, researchers have found reason to doubt that the blueberries help most healthy people see better in the dark.

Soon, prosthetic retina to help people regain vision

Scientists have made new progress in prosthetic retina that could provide aid from the problems related to this crucial part of the eye.