Iraq PM vows to end sectarian divisions at end of US visit

Iraq`s Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi wrapped up his inaugural visit to the US on Thursday, winning pledges that long-delayed F-16 fighter jets will soon be delivered and vowing to calm the sectarian tensions dividing his country.

US airliners received bomb threat, escorted by fighter jets

A pair of F-16 fighter jets escorted two US commercial airliners to their landing in Atlanta on Saturday following a bomb threat online, an aviation spokesman said.

Pakistan completes induction of 13 F-16 fighter jets into air force

Pakistan on Wednesday completed the induction of 13 frontline F-16 fighter jets into its air force, augmenting its aerial defence capability.

Five F-16 fighter jets from Jordan inducted into Pak Air Force

Pakistan Air Force today inducted five F-16 fighter jets into its fleet, the first batch of the 13 jets received from Jordan.

Boeing turns F-16s into drones

US multinational aerospace and defence corporation Boeing said it has converted ageing F-16 fighter jets into drones.

US to deliver four F-16 fighter jets to Egypt despite unrest

The US is moving ahead with plans to deliver four F-16s to Egypt despite the ongoing debate about the military toppling Morsi.

US, Iraq discuss F-16 sales

The US and Iraqi defence officials have held discussions in the past three days over sale of 18 F-16 fighter jets.

‘F-16 delivery means strong military ties with Pak`

Pakistan on Monday had received the last of the 18 F-16
fighter jets from the US.

US lawmakers in new bid for Taiwan jets

US in 2010 okayed $6.4 bn in weapons for Taiwan, including Patriot missiles, Black Hawk helicopters.

US to give Pak ‘smart bombs’, surveillance drones, F-16 jets

The United States will supplement its multi-billion dollar aid package to Pakistan with a series of powerful new weapons, including smart bombs, to help Islamabad crackdown on its growing militant groups.