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Gandalf's stick in 'Lord of the Rings' sold at USD 390,000

Gandalf's stick in 'Lord of the Rings' sold at USD 390,000

The white staff wielded by actor Ian McKellen's character Gandalf in 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy has been sold at 245,000 pounds at an auction.

Ian McKellen gives students advice in 'Gandalf' style

Actor Ian McKellen mouthed famous lines from his film 'The Lord of the Rings' while addressing students in England.

Ian Mckellen shoots his final scene as wizard

Ian McKellen has filmed his last ever scene as JRR Tolkien`s iconic wizard Gandalf.

I want to play Gandalf in Tolkien prequels: James McAvoy

‘X-Men: First Class’ star James McAvoy says he would love to play legendary wizard Gandalf.

`Hobbit` was like homecoming: Ian McKellen

`Lord of the Rings` star Ian McKellen says returning to New Zealand to shoot `The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey` felt like he was going home.

Sir Ian McKellen almost quit role of Gandalf in `The Hobbit`

Sir Ian McKellen almost gave up on the role of Gandalf in ‘The Hobbit,’ after filming was delayed several times.

Ian McKellen to reprise his role as wizard Gandalf in new Hobbit films

Actor Ian McKellen is apparently set to return as the wizard Gandalf in upcoming Hobbit movies.