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Voters to have their left ring finger inked in Delhi MCD polls

Voters will have their left ring finger inked after exercising their franchise in the Delhi municipal polls on April 23, the State Election Commission has said.

Dozens arrested, blades seized at UK Sikh temple

British police arrested 55 people and seized blades at a Sikh temple on Sunday, following a demonstration at the holy site believed to be protesting a mixed marriage.

Police arrests 14 men for trespassing into Gurdwara in UK

Fourteen people were arrested on Sunday for aggravated trespassing in the West Midlands region of England after a gang of 20-30 sword-wielding men stormed a Sikh temple, apparently opposing a mixed race marriage between a Sikh and a non-Sikh couple.

Pakistani Sikhs open temple after 73 years, risking attacks

An armed policeman stood guard outside the 300-year-old Sikh temple, known as a gurdwara, in northwest Pakistan. 

Golden Temple in Amritsar now only serves organic langar

Golden Temple in Amritsar now only serves organic langar

In a noble initiative, the Golden Temple community kitchen now serves organic langar to pilgrims.

Several people injured in US Gurdwara fight

Several people were injured when a major fight broke out between two groups of Sikhs at a Gurdwara in the US state of California, apparently over leadership dispute, according to media reports.

Pakistani Sikhs split over sale of gurdwara land

The Sikh community in Pakistani Punjab is split over the sale of gurudwara land to build houses.

Over Rs 13 lakh looted from a gurdwara in Philippines

Over Rs 13 lakh looted from a gurdwara in Philippines

A gang of seven people took off with one million peso (about $21,000) worth of donations from the Philippines` Khalsa Diwan Indian Sikh Temple located here in Paco district, a media report said on Monday.

Gurdwara in Pakistan reopens for worship after 73 years

The local residents assured the jirga that they did not have any objection over reopening of the Gurdwara.

Robbers ransack gurdwara in Britain

Robbers stole over 2,500 pounds of gold artefacts and caused thousands of pounds worth of damage at a gurdwara in the British town of Crawley.