Uttar Pradesh CM Akhilesh Yadav thanks voters

Thanking the voters, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Tuesda and said that SP government will continue the work of development in the region.

Amit Shah asks BJP MPs to remain connected with voters

New BJP president Amit Shah Thursday warned party MPs against any disconnect with voters and asked them to remain connected ahead of the forthcoming Assembly Elections in four states and bypolls in some other states.

Voters still bank on agriculturists as their representatives in Parliament!

In the current Lok Sabha, 63 people are from political and social work backgrounds.

Voters lured by money sent in bank accounts during polls: EC

Innovative methods like transfer of funds through the RTGS banking system and concealment of currency wads inside car bonnets were detected by EC as it took steps to curb the use of black money during the just-concluded LS polls.

95 percent of registered Syrian expats voted in embassies: Committee

Syria`s electoral commission said on Saturday that 95 percent of registered expatriate voters took part in a presidential election expected to return incumbent Bashar al-Assad to power, state media said.

Reason to worry: women didn’t vote big in UP, Maha & Bihar

As India celebrates the overall robust 10 per cent plus increase in women voter turnout comes the bad news that the states with highest women voters actually registered a relatively lower turnout.

Voters greeted with yellow roses at model polling station

A yellow rose on arrival, tents to provide shade from the searing heat and cold water were being provided to voters at a model polling station in Berhampore Lok Sabha constituency Monday.

Aam Aadmi Party hands out `zero rupee notes` to voters

The Aam Aadmi Party here on Saturday distributed `Rs Zero` notes to voters to protest against the distribution of cash by other political parties.

EC apologises to Mumbaikars after lakhs of names missing from voters list

After Pune, where as many as one lakh names of electors with ID cards were missing from the voters list, now there are reports that over two lakhs voters couldn`t cast their vote in yesterday`s polling in Mumbai.

After 1 lakh voters` names missing in Pune, Mumbaikars face same issue

After Pune, where as many as one lakh names of electors with ID cards were missing from the voters list, now voters in Mumbai face the same issue as tens of them are not finding their names in the voters list.

Congress asks EC to ensure holiday on polling day

Ruling Congress in Karnataka requested the Election Commission to take stern steps to ensure that all private industrial establishments and business centres declare holiday tomorrow in view of the Lok Sabha polls in the state.

Goa records 35 percent polling till 11 am

Around 35 percent voters cast their ballot in Goa till 11 am, though the crowd at the polling booths started thinning out due to excessive heat, officials said.

Voters to get 25 % discount in doctor fees, pathological tests

The Indian Medical Association has appealed to its 2.75 lakh doctor-members across India to give 25 per cent discount in doctor`s fees for one week to all patients who visit them with their fingers bearing the voting ink mark.

Over 69 percent turnout in Meghalaya

Over 69 percent of Meghalaya`s 15.67 lakh-strong electorate cast their votes for the two Lok Sabha seats in the mountainous northeastern state, an election official said Thursday.

Voters flaunt ``inked finger`` on social networking sites

Expressing pride and exuberance after casting their ballot, voters - young and not so young - have taken to the social media across India, flaunting their inked finger as proof of exercise of their democratic right.

68 percent turnout in Jammu Lok Sabha poll

The turnout in Jammu Lok Sabha seat Thursday was 68 percent, but the figure is likely to rise as final reports from far-flung areas of the constituency are still awaited, an election official said.

Election Commission extends voting time by two hours

The Election Commission on Saturday extended the voting time by two hours for the upcoming Lok Sabha and Assembly elections.

Large turnout at special camps organised to register new voters in Delhi

A large number of people in Delhi on Sunday turned up at the special camps organised for enrolment and verification of their names on voters list ahead Lok Sabha polls starting April 7.

EC to hold special camp for riot victims to ensure they vote

To ensure that riot victims are able to cast their votes, Election Commission would organise a special drive to register the displaced people and issue them temporary voter ID cards.

Lok Sabha polls: Voters can check names in electoral roll on March 9

Special camps will be held across the country by the Election Commission March 9 so that voters can check if their names are present in the electoral rolls, Chief Election Commissioner VS Sampath said Wednesday.