Combat exposure ups heart attack risk

Combat service, whether or not it leads to a full post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) diagnosis, is itself a strong predictor of heart failure, reveals a new study of 8,000 war veterans in the US.

This new tool helps chart risks of heart attack, stroke for anyone in world aged over 40

A new tool, dubbed as Globorisk, can help chart risks of heart attack, stroke for anyone in world aged over 40.

Twisted Sister drummer dies of apparent heart attack at 55

A J Pero, the drummer for the heavy-metal band Twisted Sister, died Friday. He was 55.

'Long-sought culprit' in mystery behind heart failure identified

A team of researchers has identified "the long-sought culprit" in the mystery behind a cell-signaling breakdown that triggers heart failure.

Folic acid supplements can help ward off stroke in people with high BP

 A new study has revealed that folic acid supplements can help ward off stroke in people with high blood pressure.

BSF DG expresses concern over heart attack cases among Jawans

BSF Director General Devendra Kumar Pathak on Sunday expressed concern over increasing cases of heart attack among the Jawans of Border Security Force and suggested them to take care of their dietary habits.

Common antidepressant can also reverse heart failure

A new research has revealed that a commonly prescribed antidepressant could also help in restoring heart failure.

Mediterranean diet halves risk of heart disease

Mediterranean diet filled with olives, nuts, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables among other things, can cut the risk of heart disease by 47 percent.

Omega-3 fatty acids may restrict further damage after heart attack

A new study has revealed that omega-3 fatty acids may help restrict further damage after a heart attack, suggesting this therapy may provide added benefits to standard care.

Mother, daughter suffer heart attack simultaneously

Claimed to be in a rarest of rare case, mother and daughter suffered heart attacks simultaneously and being operated within 12 hour's difference in a city hospital.

Daily moderate coffee consumption may prevent clogged arteries: Study

A new study has suggested that drinking a few cups of coffee a day may help prevent clogged arteries that could result in heart attacks.

Eating fatty foods may cut heart attack damage in short run only

It is well known that in the long run, eating fatty foods is bad for you and can increase your risk of having a stroke or heart attack, but as per a new study, a high-fat diet may actually be beneficial to your health and help to reduce heart attack damage.

Sauna bathing reduces heart-related mortality: Research

Frequent sauna use could reduce risks of a sudden cardiac death, research by the University of Eastern Finland has suggested.

Why losing your temper can literally kill you

 A new study has revealed that angry outburst or anxiety can trigger heart attack within hours.

Young women ignore heart attack symptoms

Driven by concerns of initiating a false alarm, young women tend to ignore or dismiss the earliest symptoms of an impending heart attack, such as pain, dizziness and delay in seeking emergency medical care, says new research.

Shun anger to cut heart attack risks

An episode of intense anger could lead to an eight-fold increase in the risk of heart attack. A high level of anxiety also increases the risk by about nine times, says new research.

Undertrial dies of heart attack in Jammu

A 69-year-old undertrial allegedly died of heart attack at a government hospital here, officials said on Tuesday.

Daily dose of one minute walk can be 'lifesaving

So it turns out the price of healthy living is really not that much, as a mere 60 seconds walk per day can help cut the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Exercise lessens heart problems in the elderly

Every minute of physical activity contributes to reducing risk of heart attack and coronary death in older adults with limited mobility, says a study.

Can high-fat diet cut heart attack damage?

Eating high-fat diet may protect the heart in the short run only, says a study with a warning that it is not a license to eat a lot of cheeseburgers and ice cream.