Republicans starting to strut their stuff for 2016

A half-dozen potential Republican presidential contenders spent last week peacocking across the sprawling grounds of Florida luxury resort, schmoozing with donors and sizing up the competition in the party's most fractured field in decades.

Documents show how White House defended Clinton

The White House made a public push to defend President Bill Clinton during a series of investigations related to his affair with intern Monica Lewinsky and other matters, according to thousands of pages of documents released by the National Archives.

Hillary Clinton planning lengthy campaign push this month

Hillary Rodham Clinton is hitting the campaign trail for Democrats this month.

Obama, Hillary mingle on Martha`s Vineyard after foreign policy spat

They may or may not have hugged, but US President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton rubbed shoulders at a party on Martha`s Vineyard after the former secretary of state criticised the foreign policy vision of her one-time boss.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama to `hug it out` and party?

ormer US secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and President Barack Obama are set to come face-to-face on Wednesday, a day after claiming that her comments on country`s foreign policy in a recent interview were not intended “to attack him”.

Bill Clinton won`t `jump the gun` on wife`s plans

Former president Bill Clinton says he doesn`t know if his wife, Hillary, is going to run for president and said "she hasn`t asked me yet."

Parenting tips: Famous celebrity parents share their best baby advice

Here are some parenting tips from celebrities who offer some pearls of wisdom on how to raise kids.

Bill Clinton defends Hillary`s commitment to poor

Bill Clinton defended Hillary Rodham Clinton`s commitment to poor and working Americans, saying his family`s post-presidential wealth had not prevented the former secretary of state from understanding people`s economic problems.

Clinton defends response to Benghazi

Hillary Rodham Clinton defended her response to the deadly 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, writing in her new book that she will "not be part of a political slugfest on the backs of dead Americans."

Boehner says he`s nudged Jeb Bush on presidency

The top Republican in Congress has delivered the strongest hints about his preference for the White House.

Both Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton would make great presidents: Barack Obama

US President Barack Obama has said that both Vice President Joe Biden and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will make outstanding candidates and possess the much-needed qualities to assume the high office.

`Barack Obama did not consider dropping Joe Biden from 2012 ticket`

US President Barack Obama never considered the idea of dropping Vice President Joe Biden from his 2012 re-election team and replacing him with Hillary Clinton, the White House said.

`Barack Obama aides mulled dumping Joe Biden for Hillary Clinton`

US President Barack Obama`s top aides secretly considered replacing Vice President Joe Biden with Hillary Clinton on the 2012 ticket when Obama`s re-election outlook appeared uncertain.

Possible White House rivals Hillary, Biden have breakfast

US Vice President Joe Biden and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, both possible 2016 presidential candidates, had breakfast together.

Female president would send right signal: Hillary Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton mused aloud about the significance of America electing its first female president. Left unsaid: whether she might try again to be the one.

Hillary Clinton hits speaking circuit with $200,000 per appearance fee

Former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton`s paid speaking circuit has begun.

Majority of Democrats want Hillary to contest 2016 polls

Former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton is the choice of majority of Democrats to run for 2016 Presidential Elections, according to an opinion poll.

Russia criticises Hillary over Syria statement

Russia has faced strong international criticism over its refusal to back UN sanctions against Syria.

Obama, Hillary coy about White House succession plans

President Barack Obama and outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ‘coyly’ batted away questions over any White House succession plan.

Obama lookalike in demand for inauguration season

The lanky man has the security detail, the prominent ears and the US flag pin, but substitute teacher Larry Graves is no Barack Obama. He`s a professional lookalike for the president.