Obama informs Congress of airstrikes to retake Mosul dam

US President Barack Obama formally notified Congress on Sunday that he had authorized "limited" airstrikes in Iraq to help security forces, which retook the country`s largest dam earlier from militants.

PM Narendra Modi not to address US Congress

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not be addressing the US Congress when he comes calling September end for a summit with President Barack Obama.

Modi extended open invite to address US Congress joint session

In a goodwill gesture, Speaker of US House of Representatives John Boehner has invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address a joint session of the US Congress at a date convenient to him.

US Congress approves $225 million for Israeli ``Iron Dome`` system

The US Congress approved $225 million in emergency funding for Israel`s "Iron Dome" missile defense system on Friday, sending the measure to President Barack Obama to be signed into law.

Top Republican to resign from US Congress

Just hours after stepping down as US House majority leader, Republican Representative Eric Cantor announced he would resign from his congressional seat later this month.

Wikipedia blocks `disruptive` edits from US Congress

Wikipedia has blocked editing rights from some computers at the US House of Representatives for "disruptive" revisions on the online encyclopedia.

83 US lawmakers seek joint address to Congress by Narendra Modi

Ahead of his September visit, as many as 83 US lawmakers have signed a letter asking House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner to invite Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address a joint session of the Congress.

US Congress seen backing extension of Iran nuclear pact

The US Congress will ultimately support an extension of an interim agreement of talks on Iran`s nuclear program, lawmakers and congressional aides said, despite calls by Republicans and some Democrats to abandon negotiations and return to tough sanctions to deter Tehran from building a nuclear bomb. 

Indian PM should address Congress: US lawmakers

US lawmakers were spearheading an effort Friday to get Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi invited to address a joint session of Congress when he visits the United States in September. 

Barack Obama asks US Congress for $500 mn to train, equip Syrian rebels

With the conflicts in Syria and Iraq becoming increasingly intertwined against the same Sunni extremist group, President Barack Obama moved on Thursday to ratchet up US efforts to strengthen more moderate Syrian rebels.

McCain joins chorus for Modi to address joint Congress session

Senior Republican Senator John McCain has joined the group of lawmakers urging Congressional leadership to invite India`s Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address a joint session of the US Congress.

US high court rebukes Barack Obama on recess appointments

US Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that President Barack Obama acted illegally when he made recess appointments to a key government agency, a decision that appears to block any president`s ability to get around political gridlock in Washington by making appointments without congressional approval.

Indian-Americans lobbying for US Congress invitation for Modi

Indian-American groups have launched a campaign to win more lawmakers` support for a move to invite Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address a joint session of US Congress when he visits US in September.

Narendra Modi gets invite to address US Congress

Uncle Sam`s embrace of Narendra Modi is complete. From denying him a visa to enter United States to inviting him to address a joint session of the US Congress, Washington appears keen to build bridges with India`s new Prime Minister.

Amendment to stop funding to Pakistan defeated in US Congress

The US House of Representatives has defeated an amendment to the Defence Appropriations Bill to stop American funding to Pakistan. The amendment was moved by Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, who alleged Islamabad had undermined efforts to combat terrorism. The amendment was defeated in a voice vote yesterday.

Aliens are definitely out there: SETI astronomers

Aliens definitely exist, as claimed by SETI (Search for extraterrestrial intelligence) astronomers. Reportedly these two astronomers have told the US Congress that the search for extraterrestrial life is "plausible and warrants scientific inquiry" and appealed for continued funding to research life beyond Earth.

US to withdraw Russia from trade benefits programme

US President Barack Obama Wednesday notified the Congress of his plan to drop Russia from a programme that allows duty-free imports of certain goods, known as the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP), the White House said.

Anti-Modi Congressional resolution now has 51 co-sponsors

A controversial Congressional resolution, which among other things asks the American administration to maintain its policy of not issuing visa to BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, now has more than 50 co-sponsors.

US Congress passes Ukraine aid, Russian sanctions bill

Congress easily passed a US aid package for Ukraine on Tuesday that includes sanctions against Russia for annexing Crimea, in US lawmakers` first binding response to the crisis.

US Congress likely to pass Ukraine aid Tuesday

A US aid package to Ukraine that also imposes sanctions on Russia for its Crimea takeover is expected to clear Congress Tuesday and head to President Barack Obama, ending a weeks-long impasse.