Scotland polls put `No` camp ahead as Salmond hits out

Opinion polls gave campaigners for Scotland to stay in Britain a slight lead Friday as First Minister Alex Salmond hit back at business leaders who revealed their independence contingency plans.

New Scotland independence poll shows 'No' side ahead

A new poll showed Scotland set to narrowly reject independence in a historic referendum in one week`s time, according to results by pollster YouGov on Thursday.

Scotland ready to make history: Independence leader

Scotland's pro-independence leader Alex Salmond said the "eyes of the world" were on a momentous referendum next week that could break a 307-year-old union with England.

Catalans can`t be stopped from voting on independence: Leader

Catalonia`s president warned Wednesday it was "practically impossible" to stop the region voting on secession from Spain and predicted Scotland would stay in the European Union even if it chooses independence.

Queen concerned over Scotland's independence from UK

Queen Elizabeth II is very concerned that Scotland will vote for independence from the UK this month and is receiving daily updates on the situation, a media report said on Sunday.

UK promises Scots more powers if they reject independence

The British government is scrambling to respond to a lurch in the opinion polls towards a vote for Scottish independence this month by promising a range of new powers for Scotland if it chooses to stay within the United Kingdom.

UK opposition leader to Scots: Spurn breakaway because PM Cameron is on way out

Britain`s opposition Labour party will urge Scots on Thursday to reject independence in a referendum this month, predicting it would soon bundle from office ruling Conservatives that many Scots feel reflect English interests, with little support north of the border.

Second poll shows jump in support for Scottish independence

 A second poll showed support for Scottish independence rising less than three weeks from the historic referendum, more than halving the lead of the anti-independence camp on Monday.

Hong Kong lawyers take stand for independence from Beijing

Hong Kong`s Law Society has passed an historic vote of no-confidence in its president over pro-Beijing comments, revealing a determination by the traditionally conservative lawyers to confront perceived threats from China to the legal independence in the free-wheeling, global financial hub.

In border town, locals eye Scottish independence warily

In England`s most northerly town, local people are looking over the border to Scotland and worrying about what would happen if it votes for independence next month.

Scotland`s pro-independence camp betting on TV debate to win votes

Supporters of Scottish independence are hoping leader Alex Salmond`s performance in a US-style television debate on Tuesday can boost their campaign, which is lagging in opinion polls.

Iraqi Kurdistan`s independence would be `catastrophic`: Egypt President

Egypt`s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi warned the independence of Iraq`s Kurdish region would be "catastrophic" and cause the Middle East to splinter along ethnic and religious lines, newspapers reported Monday.

Iraqi Kurds to vote on independence in months: Leader

Iraq`s Kurds will hold an independence referendum within months, their leader Massud Barzani said on Tuesday, as the region reels under a brutal offensive by Sunni jihadists who have declared an Islamic caliphate.

Scotland can be dragged out of EU unless it voted for independence from Britain: Alex Salmond

First Minister Alex Salmond warned Monday Scotland could be "dragged out of the European Union" against its will unless it voted for independence from Britain.

2014 polls will give Indians second independence: Jayalalithaa

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa Tuesday said the forthcoming general election will give Indians their second independence.

Scottish leader says opinion polls show independence race tightening

Scotland`s First Minister Alex Salmond said on Monday that latest opinion polls showed the race for independence was tightening as he pledged that oil and gas policy in the North Sea would be more stable under an independent Scotland.

China vows to stand behind Pakistan

China has said it would continue to stand firmly behind Pakistan`s efforts to uphold its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

Tibet is not seeking independence from China: Dalai Lama

Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama today made it clear that Tibet was not seeking freedom from China but said the cultural heritage of his native land was in danger due to "some hardliner Chinese Communists".

Scotland to make case for independence

The Scottish government on Tuesday unveils its legal argument for independence from the United Kingdom, but nationalist leaders face an uphill battle in convincing voters to end the 300-year union.

With year to go, Scotland divided over independence

Voting for Scottish independence is "common sense", the leader of the movement to break away from the United Kingdom said Thursday, a year to the day when Scotland will vote in a referendum.