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Learning foreign languages may sharpen our brain

Learning foreign languages enhances our brain's elasticity and its ability to code information, a study has found.

Zuckerbergs to start school mixing learning and health

Mark Zuckerberg plans to start a private school in a hardscrabble Silicon Valley town.

Reward-power nap combo 'key to learning'

All we really need is some rewards and power naps to boost our learning and productivity, according to a recent study.

Dr Subhash Chandra Show: Is MBA just a blind rat race?

This Week Dr. Subhash Chandra Show was conducted at Birla Institute of Technology Mesra, Patna in Bihar. The session witnessed participation of 500 students from the campus who discussed Is MBA just a rat race with Dr. Subhash Chandra. While sharing his thoughts on the matter Dr.

Failure the best teacher for your brain

Failure the best teacher for your brain

If your brain gets a chance to learn from its mistakes, it will turn failures in life into positive experiences, researchers have revealed.

What disrupts brain in psychiatric disorder

Researchers have identified how over-activation of certain brain chemical receptors trigger disruption in the brain's communication channels linked to symptoms in psychiatric disorders, including schizophrenia.

Male, female brains operate differently: Study

A new study of a brain region involved in learning and memory, responses to stress and epilepsy has found that male and female brains operate differently at a molecular level.

Facebook a hub for learned discussions: Study

High school and college students are increasingly engaging in vigorous, intelligent debate about scientific issues in a voluntary Facebook forum, says a study.

YouTube and Instagram can boost learning

Social media can be a powerful educational device especially when a student is not doing so well to begin with, according to a new study.

YouTube and Instagram can bolster learning

Can social media help students who are not doing well in their studies? Yes, says a new research.

This protein helps improve learning and memory

 A new research has suggested that running and memorizing are not two different skills and has discovered that physical and mental activities rely on a single metabolic protein that controls the flow of blood and nutrients throughout the body.

Know why some people are slow learners

Why are some people able to master a new skill quickly while others take longer? That is because the neural activity in quick learners is different from that in slow learners, reveals a study.

Element of surprise helps babies learn best: Study

Infants have innate knowledge about the world, and when their expectations are defied, they learn best, a new study has found.

Music may activate genes for learning, memory

Playing music by professional musicians can enhance the activity of genes involved in motor functions learning and memory, a new study has found.

Take power naps to boost your memory

Short naps during the day can boost memory performance by up to five times, a research says.

Toddlers' posture affects memory and learning

Body posture is critical in the early stages of acquiring new knowledge, a cognitive scientist from the Indiana University has found.

How the brain learns the way things work

How the brain learns the way things work

When we learn a new technical concept, something happens in our brain. But exactly what? That has been a mystery until now.

Listening to Mozart may boost brain power

Listening to Mozart may boost brain power

Listening to just 20 minutes of Mozart may enhance brain functions such as learning and memory, according to new research.

Five things that can fix the ills of broken school system in India

Five things that can fix the ills of broken school system in India

Education should be a balance of quantity and quality. In India, while we have substantially achieved the former, fulfilling the latter is a tremendous challenge. Hari K Verma provides a few solutions to tackle the drawbacks.

Eating late at night bad for your brain

Be warned if you have a strong urge to eat late at night for a new study shows that this could be bad for your brain.