World's last male white rhino will never mate

White rhinos are on the verge of extinction as it is unlikely that their last male member would father an offspring, conservationists say.

Birds choose mates through 'sense of smell'
Birds choose mates through 'sense of smell'

A new study has revealed that birds might choose their mating partners through odor.

Mating Olive Ridleys head to Gahirmatha sanctuary
Mating Olive Ridleys head to Gahirmatha sanctuary

Pairs of mating olive ridley sea turtles have begun emerging on seawaters off Gahirmatha marine sanctuary coast in Odisha, marking the commencement of breeding and nesting season of these endangered aquatic animals.

How solitary cats find mates

Cats rely less on smell to hunt than dogs but they have genes related to an alternate form of smell that helps them find mates, an analysis of the cat genome reveals.

Neanderthals and humans first mated 50,000 years ago

Modern humans and Neanderthals first interbred approximately 50,000 to 60,000 years ago, according to scientists who sequenced the genome of a man's thigh bone found in Siberia.

Women don't always prefer men with masculine faces when choosing a mate

A new research has revealed that women don't always prefer men with masculine faces when choosing a mate, refuting the theory of infectious disease rates driving such choices.

White tigress mates with Royal Bengal tiger, gives birth to 4 cubs
White tigress mates with Royal Bengal tiger, gives birth to 4 cubs

In a rare experiment, four cubs were born after the successful mating of a Royal Bengal Tiger with a white tigress at Kamla Nehru Zoo here.

Learn from male goats how to woo your lady!

Know how male goats send the love-making signal to females? It goes in the form of a most powerful, sexually-stimulating odour.

Learn how male deer decide on call for mating

Know how male deer decide whether to fight with rival deer or leave them exhausted and rush after that call for mating? Scientists know now.

Birds find sweet-smelling mates attractive

A Michigan State University researcher has for the first time demonstrated that birds do indeed communicate via scents, and that odour reliably predicts their reproductive success.

Role heat plays in attracting suitable mates for sex revealed

While cliched pic-up lines may serve some humans well in wooing their partners, animals prefer more imaginative ways to captivate and attract potential suitors.

Females prefer biological fitness than other traits in potential mates

A female`s mating decisions are largely based on traits that reflect fitness or those that help males perform well under the local ecological conditions, a new study has found.

Male moths go by first impressions when choosing mates

To avoid mating with the wrong moth species, the pheromone blends are specific for each moth species.

Revealing political leanings can scupper your dating and mating success!

Singles are more likely to admit they are overweight on their online dating profiles than to say they are politically liberal or conservative.

Aggressive male mating behaviour can drive species to extinction

A study says that male mating behaviour might well drive the species to extinction.

Flamingos use preening oil to brighten up, attract mates

A preening oil which flamingos use to waterproof their feathers also brightens them up, says a new study.

Mothers aid mating success of male bonobos

In a study on bonobos, researchers have found that the presence of mothers enhances the mating success of their sons.

Human mating competition was won by brawn, not beauty

Winning mates in early human history was dependent on sheer physical prowess, not attractiveness.

Promise of sex makes men open their wallets: Study

Promise of sex makes men open their wallets like nothing else, American researchers have claimed.