How dinosaurs' arms transformed into bird wings revealed
How dinosaurs' arms transformed into bird wings revealed

In a new study scientists have explained how arms of dinosaurs went from straight to bent and hyperflexible, turning into wings.

How 'birds' evolved from dinosaurs
How 'birds' evolved from dinosaurs

Scientists have found crucial information on how birds evolved with the help of most comprehensive dinosaur family tree ever.

Meteorite that killed dinosaurs helped forests bloom
Meteorite that killed dinosaurs helped forests bloom

A giant meteorite that wiped out dinosaurs along with evergreen flowering plants 66 million years ago gave rise to deciduous plants - plants that lose their leaves at some point during the year, a significant study reveals.

Meet Spinosaurus, the first dinosaur known to swim
Meet Spinosaurus, the first dinosaur known to swim

Zee Media Bureau/Shruti Saxena

New Delhi: Scientists on Friday announced the discovery of the world's first semiaquatic dinosaur - known as the Spinosaurus.

Dinosaurs may have had babysitters too!
Dinosaurs may have had babysitters too!

Researchers have discovered an evidence of possible dinosaur nest that may have also had a babysitter to look after the young dinosaurs.

Fossils in Spain provide links to last giant dinosaurs

Fossils discovered in the central Spanish province of Cuenca have enabled experts to reconstruct the dermal armour of the titanosaurs, the last of the giant dinosaurs, for the first time.

Dinosaurs extinct because of `colossal bad luck`

Dinosaurs may have survived the asteroid strike which wiped them out if it had happened slightly earlier or later in history, a new study has found.

Birds did not evolve from dinosaurs: Study

In what could alter the textbooks, researchers have declassified dinosaurs as being the great-great-grandparents of birds.

Fossil of world`s smallest hedgehog unearthed in Canada

You`ve heard of Sonic the Hedgehog, the video game character. But how about the half-pint hedgehog, the tiniest one that ever lived?

Not hot- nor cold-blooded, dinosaurs were `in between`

Were dinosaurs hot-blooded like birds and mammals or cold blooded like reptiles? Well, they were somewhere "in between".

Dinosaur-era flying reptiles were extremely social

The fossilized remains of Pterosaurs or flying reptiles - who were wiped out nearly 120 million years ago from earth - have provided a slice of prehistoric life - revealing that these dinosaur-era creatures were extremely social.

Forest fire of 66 million years ago could reveal much about last days of dinos

Researchers have said that as far back as the time of the dinosaurs about 66 million years ago, forests recovered from fires in the same manner they do today.

Dino fossil proves humans lived alongside dinosaurs

The Australian man, who is building a Noah`s ark in America, is set to unveil a dinosaur fossil named "Ebenezer", which he says proves that humans lived alongside dinosaurs.

Fossils of largest dinosaur found in Argentina

Paleontologists in Argentina`s remote Patagonia region have discovered fossils of what was likely the largest dinosaur ever to roam the earth.

New fossils suggest dinosaurs may have survived beyond Jurassic period

Argentine palaeontologists who have discovered new fossils suggest that dinosaurs may have survived beyond the Jurassic period.

`Nuclear winter` wiped out dinosaurs 66 mn years ago: Study

A sudden dip in temperatures wiped out dinosaurs, a team of scientists has revealed that a massive asteroid hit the earth 66 million years ago, causing “nuclear winter”.

Revealed: How dinosaurs shrunk into birds

Dinosaurs are not extinct, go tell this to your kids. There are about 10,000 species alive today - in the form of birds!

Amphibians and dinosaurs were new large predators after mass extinction 252 mln years ago

Researchers have said that crocodile-like amphibians and later the precursors of the known plesiosaurs and ichthyosaurs went in search of prey in the oceans soon after the end of the mass extinction.

T. rex`s `pygmy` cousin discovered in Alaska

A 70 million year old fossil discovered in the Late Cretaceous sediments of Alaska reveals a new small tyrannosaur.

Newly discovered crocodile roamed with dinosaurs

Scientists have discovered the fossils of a new species of a tiny crocodile that walked Earth some 126 million years ago - along with the mighty dinosaurs.