Are you in a narcissistic relationship? Here are top 5 signs

Are you in a narcissistic relationship? Here are top 5 signs

Check out top signs of being in a narcissistic relationship.

Narcissists more likely to commit sexual assaults: Study

Narcissists more likely to commit sexual assaults: Study

Men with traits of pathological narcissism are more likely to commit heinous sexual crimes like rapes, suggests new research.

Selfie obsession is not just narcissism

London, Feb 15 (IANS) Is one's love for selfies just an exercise in self-obsession? Perhaps not.

New research suggests that clicking selfie's could actually be an empowering activity, helping young people to develop their identity, and boost confidence and self-esteem.

Smartphones may be causing 'netbrain'

About 11 per cent of British adults suffer from 'netbrain' - a disorder caused by overuse of the internet - and may show narcissism, distraction and fear of missing out, a new study has found.

Guys, this is why you should never post too many selfies on social media

If you are obsessed with taking selfies and sharing them on social media sites, you may want to take a step back, as a new research claims that men who post more selfies online show anti-social traits.

Internet trolls derive `sadistic` pleasure by troubling others: Study

Personalities of the Internet trolls or people who post offensive material about someone on the web and start arguments or upset them, correlate highly with sadism, a new study has revealed.

A little narcissism can make you a good leader

A moderate amount of narcissism in your style of functioning can actually make you a more effective leader across the spectrum.

`People updating Facebook status frequently claimed to be narcissists`

According to a new University of Michigan study exploring how social media reflect and amplify the culture`s growing levels of narcissism, Facebook is a mirror and Twitter is a megaphone.

Endless status updates on Facebook indicate ‘narcissism’

If you are obsessed with your status updates and picture uploads on Facebook, you are probable an online narcissist, says a new research.