Troops kill 28 suspected militants in central Nigeria: military

Troops killed 28 suspected militants during a weekend operation in central Nigeria launched in response to an attack last month which saw six soldiers gruesomely murdered, the military said Monday.

Tests, counselling for traumatised former Boko Haram hostages

Many of the women and girls rescued from Boko Haram are traumatised and showing signs of depression, with psychological counselling urgently needed as they recover in camps in northeast Nigeria, relief officials said Monday.

Tests, trauma counselling for former Boko Haram hostages

Hundreds of women and children rescued from Boko Haram are undergoing medical tests and treatment as they recover in camps in northeast Nigeria, the country`s main relief agency said on Monday.

Nigeria moves 275 Boko Haram hostages to relief camp

Nigeria`s military authorities on Sunday moved 275 women and children to a relief camp, days after rescuing them from Boko Haram`s stronghold in the Sambisa forest, the state-run emergency agency said.

Death moments from freedom: Boko Haram hostages recount ordeal

At least three women were killed in a landmine explosion and others crushed to death by tanks as Nigeria`s military moved in to rescue them from Boko Haram, one freed hostage said on Sunday.

Nigerian army fights militiamen in central Nigeria after attack last week

Nigerian troops battled militiamen in central Nigeria on Sunday after they destroyed several villages and killed scores of people last week, including six soldiers who had their eyes gorged out and tongues cut off, a military spokesman said.

Freed Nigerian women tell of horror of Boko Haram captivity

Boko Haram fighters killed older boys and men in front of their families before taking women and children into the forest where many died of hunger and disease, freed captives said on Sunday after they were brought to a government refugee camp.

Several killed as soldiers raid Nigerian communities

Nigerian troops have raided communities suspected of harbouring militiamen in central Plateau state, killing several people, a military spokesman said on Sunday.

Nigerian military: 234 girls, women rescued from extremists

Nigeria's military has rescued 234 more girls and women from a Boko Haram forest stronghold in the country's northeast, an announcement on social media said today.

Nigeria frees 234 more women, children from Boko Haram stronghold: Army

Nigeria troops have freed another 234 women and children from Boko Haram`s stronghold in the Sambisa forest, the military said Friday.

Niger urges evacuation of Lake Chad over Boko Haram attacks

Niger authorities have urged people living on islands in Lake Chad to leave to avoid new attacks by Boko Haram, after an assault by the Islamists last weekend left at least 74 dead.

Niger governor orders islands evacuated after Boko Haram attacks

 A regional governor in southern Niger on Thursday ordered the evacuation of the West African nation`s inhabited islands on Lake Chad following a deadly attack there by Boko Haram militants last week.

Boko Haram hostages were held in `severe and inhuman conditions`: Military
Boko Haram hostages were held in `severe and inhuman conditions`: Military


Abuja: Boko Haram hostages were held in atrocious conditions in the group`s Sambisa Forest stronghold, Nigeria`s military said on Thursday after nearly 500 women and girls were released this week.

Nigerian military rescues more women, girls from Boko Haram

 Nigerian troops have rescued about 160 more hostages from Boko Haram`s Sambisa Forest stronghold, the Army said on Thursday, taking the total number liberated this week alone to nearly 500.

Chad tightens security against Boko Haram at cost of disruption

Long tailbacks form at a bridge on the border between Chad and Cameroon while Chadian security forces, wary of deadly Boko Haram jihadists, screen all road users and their property.

Nigerian army rescues 300, none are kidnapped schoolgirls

Nigerian troops rescued nearly 300 girls and women during an offensive against Boko Haram militants in the northeastern Sambisa Forest, the military said, but they did not include any of the schoolgirls kidnapped a year ago.

Nigerian military at odds over identity of released hostages

 Nigeria`s top brass warned Wednesday against premature declarations on 200 girls rescued from Boko Haram after the army said they were not the same girls kidnapped by the militants in an especially notorious incident in Chibok.

Nigeria claims rescue of nearly 300 women and girls from Boko Haram

Nigerian troops rescued nearly 300 girls and women during an offensive against Boko Haram fighters in the northeastern Sambisa Forest, the military said.

More deaths in Nigeria `local gin` poisoning: Health official

 A total of 23 people have now died from ethanol poisoning blamed on locally brewed gin in southwest Nigeria, the local health commissioner said on Monday.

Nigeria recalls diplomats from South Africa over attacks

Nigeria is recalling its top diplomats in South Africa because of "ongoing xenophobia targeting foreigners," said a government statement.