North Korea `probably` preparing nuclear test: US think-tank

North Korea appears to be making preparations to conduct its fourth nuclear test, a US think-tank said Friday just hours before President Barack Obama arrives in South Korea for a visit.

US will cut Air Force nuke missile force by 50

The Obama administration says the number of launch-ready Air Force land-based nuclear missiles will shrink to 400, the lowest total since the early 1960s, as part of a plan for complying with a US-Russia arms treaty.

US says 92 nuclear officers tied to cheating scandal

The US Air Force said on Friday that 92 nuclear missile officers are now implicated in a widening scandal over cheating on exams and have been suspended from their duties.

China conducts long-range nuclear missile drill: Military

China`s military has released images of an intercontinental ballistic missile with enough range to reach the United States, as Beijing is involved in a series of rows threatening to embroil Washington.

US officers left blast door open at nuclear missile posts

US Air Force officers in charge of launching nuclear missiles have been punished twice this year for leaving open a blast door at their command posts, officials said.

India successfully test-fires N-capable Agni-V missile from Wheeler Island

India’s first long-range nuclear capable missile, Agni-V, was successfully launched on Sunday for the second time in Odisha.

Nuclear-powered Agni-V, with range of 5000 kms, to be test-fired tomorrow

India will on Sunday test for the second time its longest-range Agni-V nuclear-capable missile.

Pakistan tests nuke-capable Hatf-IV missile

Pakistan on Wednesday successfully test-fired nuclear-capable Hatf-IV ballistic missile with a range of 900 km that can hit targets in India.

N-capable Prithvi-II missile successfully test-fired

India on Thursday successfully test-fired its indigenously developed nuclear capable Prithvi-II missile with a strike range of 350 km.

Prithvi-II N-capable ballistic missile test-fired

India on Saturday test-fired nuclear capable `Prithvi-II` ballistic

Nuke capable Agni-V launch put off

The maiden test-firing of Agni-5 Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile was postponed at the last moment till Thursday due to bad weather conditions.

Agni-V missile test likely this Wednesday

Range preparation for the maiden test of indigenously developed nuclear capable `Agni-V` ballistic missile is "near complete".

India successfully test fires N-capable Agni II

India successfully test fired the nuclear capable Agni II missile from a defence base in Orissa.

Nuclear-capable Shourya missile test-fired

India test-fired a nuclear-capable missile on Saturday.

Russia tests nuclear missile amid row with US

Russia steps up campaign against a US-backed interceptor system for Europe.