Rapper and royalty open Rugby World Cup
Rapper and royalty open Rugby World Cup

 Prince Harry and a rap poet joined legends of rugby at Twickenham on Friday to formally launch the 2015 Rugby World Cup in England. 

Queen Elizabeth to celebrate 90th b'day with mega street party

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her 90th birthday next year at one of London's biggest street parties with over 10,000 guests near Buckingham Palace.

Prince Harry ends army career after a decade

Britain's Prince Harry officially left the army on Friday after more than a decade of full-time military service, including two stints in war-torn Afghanistan.

Michelle Obama brings gifts for young UK prince, princess
Michelle Obama brings gifts for young UK prince, princess

Michelle Obama didn't show up empty-handed when she met Prince Harry for tea at Kensington Palace in London during an official visit to Britain.

Michelle Obama and daughters to visit Britain, Italy
Michelle Obama and daughters to visit Britain, Italy

Michelle Obama will travel to Britain next week to meet Prime Minister David Cameron and Prince Harry, before heading to Italy to attend the 2015 Milan Expo, the White House said Friday.

Prince Harry meets niece Princess Charlotte for first time

Prince Harry recently met his 3-week-old niece, Princess Charlotte for the first time.

Prince Harry says Army life saved him

Britain's Prince Harry has said the army saved him from going off the tracks and he would encourage his brother William's children -- George and Charlotte -- to have some sort of involvement in the armed forces.

UK's Prince Harry calls for return of national service

  Britain`s Prince Harry called for the return of national service in the country, crediting a military career for helping to keep himself and the soldiers he commanded on the right track. 

Prince Harry in snap encounter with Australian crocodile

Britain`s Prince Harry had a close encounter with a ferocious crocodile during his recent trip in Australia, with officials revealing Saturday he helped capture a 3.1 metre predator.

Prince Harry fires up for haka in New Zealand

 Britain`s Prince Harry performed a fearsome Maori war dance, or haka, and mingled with tattooed ex-convicts on his trip to New Zealand Wednesday.

Prince Harry runs into former matron on New Zealand visit

 Britain`s Prince Harry handed out cupcakes and advice on ginger pride in New Zealand`s second largest city Christchurch on Tuesday where he was reunited with a former matron he had not seen in years.

Prince Harry says he wants kids 'right now'

Britain's Prince Harry on Monday spoke out about his yearning for love and a family with children like his older brother, Prince William.

Prince Harry says he's looking for love, wants kids
Prince Harry says he's looking for love, wants kids

Britain's Prince Harry said today he wants to have children and would like a partner to "share the pressure" of royal duties, but is still waiting for the right woman.

Prince Harry sees birds but no kiwi during New Zealand visit

Britain's Prince Harry didn't fulfil his hope on Sunday of seeing a kiwi in the wild but he did get to see other native birds during a visit to a remote New Zealand island.

`Down-to-earth` Prince Harry thrills remote New Zealand island

 Britain`s Prince Harry showed off his "down-to-earth" side Sunday, shucking oysters and talking rugby as he ventured to the southernmost populated island of New Zealand.

Prince Harry talks rugby, presses noses in New Zealand

Britain's Prince Harry arrived in New Zealand on Saturday for a weeklong visit and was soon talking about the country's prowess in rugby, pressing noses with indigenous Maori leaders, and laughing off marriage proposals.

Britain`s Prince Harry in New Zealand amid flag debate

Britain`s Prince Harry arrived in New Zealand on Saturday to start a week-long visit amidst a national debate on whether the country should trim part of its colonial British ties by changing the flag.

Prince Harry leaves Australian army after a month's service

 Prince Harry, who recently announced his retirement from the British army, bade adieu to Australia in a ceremony at the Sydney Opera House on Thursday, after having served in the country`s armed forces for one month, Efe news agency reported.

Britain`s Prince Harry unwitting focus of hit French comedy

 A French actress climbed the gates of Kensington Palace in high heels, interrupted the changing of the guard and spent two nights in a British jail as she secretly filmed a comedy about a Parisian desperate to marry Britain`s Prince Harry.

`His Royal Hotness` Prince Harry goes walkabout in Sydney

Thousands of well wishers Thursday made the most of their chance to see Prince Harry during a meet-and-greet near Sydney`s Opera House, with "His Royal Hotness" banners out in force and one woman asking him to marry her.