Prince Charles' household dubbed Wolf Hall, claims biographer

The royal household of Britain's Prince Charles is so rife with infighting and back-stabbing among his staff that it has been dubbed Wolf Hall, a new biography of the prince has claimed.

Erdogan says he's no sultan, but more like British Queen

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan brushed off criticism that he`s trying to amass sultan-like powers, saying he really just wants to be more like Britain`s Queen Elizabeth II.

Australia PM in `time warp` as British royal knighted

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott marked his country`s national day Monday by honouring Britain`s Prince Philip with a knighthood, sparking criticism from his political opposition of being in a "time warp".

UK Queen becomes world's oldest monarch

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II is now the world's oldest monarch following the death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

Prince George got more gifts in 2014 than Queen!

Britain's future monarch Prince George amassed a staggering 706 gifts from royal overseas tours last year -- more than seven times as many as the Queen got.

Queen Elizabeth sends 'sincere condolences' over Paris attack

Queen Elizabeth II sent her "sincere condolences" to the wounded and the families of those killed on Wednesday in the attack on a French satirical magazine.

Palace steps up defence of Prince Andrew in sex scandal

Stepping up its defence of Prince Andrew, Buckingham Palace on Sunday again "emphatically denied" that the Duke of York had sexual contact with an American woman who was allegedly kept as an underage "sex slave" by a Wall Street billionaire, branding the allegations false and without any foundation.

Queen provides best moral leadership to Britons: Survey

The Queen provides the best moral leadership to Britons, ahead of politicians and church leaders including the Archbishop of Canterbury, a survey indicated on Sunday.

Queen says fixing division in Scotland 'will take time'

Healing differences in Scotland after a divisive referendum that came close to splitting the United Kingdom this year will take time, Queen Elizabeth II said in her annual Christmas broadcast on Thursday.

Queen praises Ebola health workers in Christmas message

Queen Elizabeth II will pay tribute in her annual Christmas Day broadcast on Thursday to the "selflessness" of medical staff and aid workers fighting the Ebola epidemic.

Elton John weds partner of 21 years as stars look on

British pop legend Elton John married David Furnish on Sunday, exactly nine years since their civil partnership, with stars including David and Victoria Beckham and actor Hugh Grant attending the ceremony.

Pak-born poet awarded Britain's Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry

 Pakistan-born British poet Imtiaz Dharker, whose works include 'The Terrorist at my Table' and 'Over the Moon', has been awarded the prestigious Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry in recognition of her lifetime's contribution to poetry.

Britain`s Prince Charles to speak out as king: Report
Britain`s Prince Charles to speak out as king: Report

Britain`s Prince Charles plans to make "heartfelt interventions" in national life when he becomes king, the Guardian newspaper reported Thursday, citing sources close to the outspoken heir to the throne.

Britain`s Prince Andrew in Saudi to reinforce ties

Britain`s Prince Andrew, the second son of Queen Elizabeth II, was in Saudi Arabia on Monday to reinforce longstanding ties between the kingdoms, the British embassy said.

Queen Elizabeth II leads UK memorial ceremony

Queen Elizabeth II is older, her husband's face more etched by time, but the Remembrance Sunday ceremony remains reassuringly the same: two minutes of silence, then the monarch lays a poppy-laden wreath at the foot of the Cenotaph, followed by senior royals and other dignitaries.

Queen Elizabeth II signs her first royal tweet
Queen Elizabeth II signs her first royal tweet

The social media buzz this time could not even stop Queen Elizabeth II from entering the Twitter world. The Royalty for the first time tweeted in front of around 600 guests at the museum.

British ex-soldier stripped of Afghanistan bravery medal

A British former army major who was awarded a top bravery medal for service in Afghanistan has had it withdrawn by Queen Elizabeth II after an investigation, it was reported Saturday. 

Queen`s sticky problem: Palace seeks chewing gum remover

Buckingham Palace has revealed a sticky reality - Queen Elizabeth II is looking for a cleaner who can oversee the removal of chewing gum left by visitors to a royal residence.

British PM to apologise to queen over purring gaffe

British Prime Minister David Cameron will apologise to Queen Elizabeth II in person after describing how she "purred" down the telephone when he told her Scotland had rejected independence, media reported Thursday.

Queen `purred` at Scottish independence result: Cameron

Britain`s Queen Elizabeth II "purred" when she was told that Scotland had voted against independence, British Prime Minister David Cameron was filmed saying on Tuesday.