Radiation from X-rays, CT scans doesn't cause cancer

Scientists used a model known as linear no-threshold (LNT) to estimate cancer risks from low-dose radiation such as medical imaging.

Does radiation from X rays, CT scans really cause cancer?

Countless scientific studies have debated over the issue that radiation from X-rays, CT scans and other medical imaging causes cancer and now, a research has suggested that the belief is based on an unproven, decades-old theoretical model.

No radiation from North Korean nuclear test detected at Japan monitoring posts

North Korea said it successfully conducted a test of a miniaturised hydrogen nuclear device on Wednesday.

Why most Earth-like planet is uninhabitable
Why most Earth-like planet is uninhabitable

As per the University of Warwick research, the atmosphere of the planet, Kepler-438b, is thought to have been stripped away as a result of radiation emitted from a superflaring Red Dwarf star, Kepler-438.

Govt launches online repository for cell tower emission data

Govt has launched ‘Tarang Sanchar’, a website mapping all cell phone towers and base transceiver stations (BTS) across the country.The portal will give the public users real-time data on the Electric Magnetic Frequency (EMF) being emitted by mobile towers.

Wireless devices may cause cancer: Study

Your fears are not completely unfounded. Mobile phones can actually cause cancer, says a study.

Syenergy Environics chips to shield against radiation

Syenergy Environics on Tuesday said it is bringing out low-cost chips and strips for consumers to help them protect from radiation emitted from electronic objects.

Cancer patient dies during radiation in Kerala medical college

A 59-year-old cancer patient Monday died after he allegedly fell down from the radiation table following "some discomfort" while undergoing treatment at the government medical college hospital here.

US FDA approves first drug to treat radiation sickness

A drug originally used to treat side effects of chemotherapy has now been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat the deleterious effects of radiation exposure following a nuclear incident.

Robot inspects inside of Fukushima reactor in Japan

Japan on Friday deployed a shape-shifting remote-controlled robot to survey a reactor at the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant to assess for the first time the radiation levels since the 2011 tsunami.

Centre calls for studies on cell phones' health hazards

In the backdrop of the recently concluded spectrum auctions, the science and technology ministry has commissioned research studies on health aspects of mobile phone radiations from 16 scientific institutions, the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) said on Sunday.

Astronomers capture first significant X-class solar flare in 2015
Astronomers capture first significant X-class solar flare in 2015

 Astronomers have recently captured the first significant X-class solar flare on March 11, 2015.

Mild environment observed around supermassive black hole protects organic chemicals at centre
Mild environment observed around supermassive black hole protects organic chemicals at centre

Researchers using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) have found regions where certain organic molecules somehow endure the intense radiation near the supermassive black hole at the center of spiral galaxy M77, also known as NGC 1068.

Holding breath beneficial for breast cancer patients

New research shows that a breast cancer patient who holds her breath during radiation treatment can greatly reduce exposure to the heart.

Radiation plus hormone therapy saves lives in prostate cancer


Washington: Older men with prostate cancer may live longer if they receive a combination of radiation and hormone therapy, but many men do not get the right treatment, US researchers said Monday.

Mid-level solar flare observed by NASA on Dec 16
Mid-level solar flare observed by NASA on Dec 16

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory has recently captured a mid-level solar flare on Dec 16, 2014, it has been reported.

Now, cognition battery to test astronauts' spaceflight stressors

 Researchers have recently developed a cognitive test battery, dubbed as Cognition, to measure the impact of typical spaceflight stressors like microgravity, radiation, confinement and isolation, exposure to elevated levels of CO2, and sleep loss) on cognitive performance of astronauts.

'Reduction in energy transmission may help reduce impact of mobiles'

With the health and safety aspects of using mobile phones and the radiation from its towers being a cause of concern for many, experts feel that reducing the energy transmitted per bit and adopting some precautionary measures can help in the long run.

NASA captures largest sunspot in two decades
NASA captures largest sunspot in two decades

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) has spotted an image of a gigantic sunspot - the largest in last 24 years.

'Exposure to radiation levels high in India'

An average person in India is exposed to five to ten times higher levels of radiation than that in the US, according to Nobel Peace Prize winner Devra Davis.