Snake owner jailed for cruelty to live bait in UK

A 43-year-old man who kept mice, rats and rabbits in atrocious conditions to feed to his pet snakes in the UK has been jailed for 150 days and banned from keeping animals.

Geomagnetic compass hooked to brain helps blind rats navigate

Scientists have discovered that blind rats with a geomagnetic compass hooked to the brain can navigate through a maze nearly as well as normally sighted rats, a finding that may help develop technology which allows visually-impaired humans to walk more freely.

Even rats can imagine and reason!
Even rats can imagine and reason!

 Rats have the ability to link cause and effect such that they can expect, or imagine, something happening even if it isn't, reveals a new study.

Watered-down version of First World War explosive reverses diabetes in mice

A new study has revealed that an agent, which caused munitions factory workers to lose weight inexplicably in the First World War and had originally been used for weight loss more than 70 years ago, reversed type 2 diabetes and fatty liver disease in rats.

Gerbils, not rats, may have fueled 14th century European plague

A new study has challenged the widely held view that communities of rats pushed plague to Europe in 14th century by suggesting that rodent with a much cuddlier reputation, the gerbil, may have played host to the fleas carrying the disease for hundreds of years.

No rats or bats on New Year's menu: Chinese government

With just a few days to go before the Chinese New Year, which people celebrate with an abundance of food and merrymaking, China's government has launched a campaign to prevent virus infections caused by eating "strange food" such as rats, snakes and bats.

Insects compete with rats to clear garbage

Insects play a very important role in cleaning up cities and they compete with other pests like rats and pigeons in their endeavour, a study has said.

Plans to send rats in space for longer duration: NASA

Rats have flown to space before but now NASA is planning to send them again to the space for longer periods.

Rats too can show regret

Researchers have revealed that rats too show regret, a cognitive behavior that once thought to be uniquely and fundamentally human.

Rats bigger than sheep could roam earth one day

Researchers have found that rats could evolve, over time, into super-sized rodents that are bigger than sheep and weigh as much as a person.

Scientists enable rats to `talk` through brain link

Telepathy just around the corner? Researchers have allowed rats thousands of miles apart to communicate with each other by connecting their brains through cables.

Rats, stray dogs cause havoc in Jammu

Rats and stray dogs have made life miserable for people in parts of Jammu.

Indian restaurant fined for cockroach infestation in Oz

An Indian takeaway restaurant in Sydney has been slapped with a fine of over 97,000 Australian dollar.

Rats may have `best bite of rodent world`

Mice and rats have evolved to gnaw with their front teeth and chew with their back teeth more effectively than rodents.

Rats nibble on paralysed man in Jodhpur hospital!

A 70-year-old paralysed man on ventilator in the ICU of a government hospital here was allegedly attacked by rats who nibbled on his ears, nose, lips and cheeks while hospital staff slept, hospital sources said.

Rats force Qantas to ground jet

Five rats were found in the emergency medical equipment storage area.

Rats ground Qantas Airways’ Boeing 767 plane!

Flight attendants discovered the rats in the cabin as they were preparing for take-off.

Army searching for Pied Piper in Ladakh

Army is searching for a Pied
Piper in Ladakh where rats are gobbling up its ration which
reaches there through a long and arduous supply route.

Scientists grow human brain stem cells in rats

A major breakthrough that has the potential for people with brain damage to use their own brain stem cells as a treatment.

Scientists grow human brain stem cells in rats

A major breakthrough that has the potential for people with brain damage to use their own brain stem cells as a treatment.