Daily antibiotics may prevent drug-resistant TB

Prescribing antibiotic doses once or twice a week for tuberculosis (TB) treatment are more likely to lead to drug resistant strains than daily antibiotic regimens, new research has found.

India worst affected by TB : US ambassador

India's success rate was 66 percent in fighting TB as per the statistical data of 2013. 

Drug-resistant TB is difficult but treatable

Despite the successful outcome, the experts say the child's case underscores the shape-shifting nature of a bacterium increasingly resistant to drugs, and the serious challenges of monitoring and treating pediatric TB.

India recorded largest number of TB cases in 2014

India, Indonesia and China had the largest number of TB cases at 23 per cent, 10 per cent and 10 per cent respectively of the global total in 2014. 

Tuberculosis deaths 'unacceptably high,' despite advances

Tuberculosis kills 4,400 people daily, a number that remains "unacceptably high," said a World Health Organisation report today that ranked TB alongside HIV as a leading cause of death globally.

Experts urge 'comprehensive package' to fight TB

TB incidence rates in high- income countries are in single-digit numbers, these rates are still in the hundreds in many countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Infectious diseases killed 1,433 in China in September

 A total of 1,433 people died from infectious diseases in China in September, with HIV/AIDS the top cause of death, according to figures released by the health authority on Saturday.

New rapid TB tests could reduce mortality

Researchers have documented the accuracy of three new tests for more rapidly diagnosing drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis (TB) which could ultimately make treatments more effective and reduce mortality.

New video game battles tuberculosis

A video game that fights tuberculosis by raising awareness about the disease and tests a mathematical model that predicts its spread has been developed.

Civil society outfits hold talks to achieve 'TB-free' India

Forty-six civil society organisations working in the area of tuberculosis prevention today held discussions to achieve the goal of a 'TB-free India' and the vital role of NGOs to achieve the target.

Many AIDS deaths caused by TB in Mizoram

Many AIDS deaths in Mizoram were actually due to Tuberculosis (TB), state health department officials Thursday said.

Lifestyle diseases increase death risk of 25% Indians, before they turn 70: Study

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: A recent study suggests that 25% Indians may die from non-communicable diseases like diabetes, cardio-vascular ailments or cancer before they turn 70 years of age.

Novel chip to better diagnose asthma and TB

Researchers have developed a low-cost lab-on-a-chip device to analyse sputum from patients with pulmonary diseases such as tuberculosis and asthma.

Beware! Diabetes increases risk of contracting TB

A 20-year study has found that people with diabetes are seven times more likely to develop tuberculosis (TB) than the general population.

Glaucoma medication may treat drug-resistant TB

 A common medication used to treat glaucoma - an eye disorder that causing gradual loss of sight - could also be used to treat tuberculosis, even the drug-resistant kind, says a new study.

Early HIV treatment may save patients diagnosed with TB

Starting anti-HIV treatment within two weeks of the diagnosis of tuberculosis improved survival among patients with both infections who had very low immune-cell counts, a new study has found.

New HIV infections down by 49% in Southern Asia: report

New HIV infections have fallen by 49 per cent in Southern Asia, says the final report on Millennium Development Goals released by the United Nations Economic and Social Communication for Asia-Pacific (UN-ESCAP).

Mumbai hospital performs 100 liver transplants in two years

Mumbai's Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital has notched a record of 100 liver transplants since the inception of its state-of-the-art Centre for Liver Transplant in 2013, hospital officials said here on Friday.

Improved diagnostics for TB under development in India: Expert

India needs advanced diagnostics to combat tuberculosis (TB) early and accurately in the wake of drug resistance, an expert said, adding that several such systems are under development.

New test to quickly detect tuberculosis

Researchers have developed a simple and inexpensive diagnostic test to quickly and reliably detect tuberculosis in humans.