Genes that could slow ageing identified

Good news for those who worry about ageing!

Now, a low-cost test to detect cancer fast

Japanese multinational Hitachi and Kyushu University hope to develop a new low-cost test to detect cancer in one hour, by studying the reaction of roundworms after coming into contact with the urine of patients, media reported Friday.

Genetic code cracked for deadly parasite

 Scientists have cracked the genetic code of a deadly parasite known to infect young children and puppies worldwide.

Worms, flies and humans: How we are related

Biologists on Wednesday said the genetic machinery of humans, fruit flies and roundworms was similar in many surprising ways, a discovery that could help basic research into disease.

Starvation effects pass on to next 3 generations

Starvation may affect the health of at least the next three generations, says a study.

Language of roundworms decoded

Biologists has found that a wide range of nematodes, or roundworms, communicate using a recently discovered class of chemical cues.

Secret to anti-ageing could lie with roundworms

Researchers did it by manipulating one particular gene in its DNA, known as daf-2.