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Our brain can effectively combat effects of ageing

Old age may slow down memory and other physical and cognitive skills, but the brain has the remarkable potential to reduce these effects, a study has found.

Does your skin match your actual age? This quick test will tell!

 The technique works like this – simply flip your hand over, pinch a little bit of the skin using your thumb and forefinger and then hold it for five seconds.

Menopause, insomnia may accelerate ageing

The dual research suggested that menopause and insomnia can increase risk for ageing-related diseases and earlier death in women.

This embryonic gene may help fight ageing

 The fountain of youth may reside in an embryonic stem cell gene named Nanog, suggests new research that may lead to treatments for conditions due to reduced bone strength, Alzheimer's and other age-related disorders.

Pomegranate juice may help fight ageing

The findings showed that when we drink the pomegranate juice, our body produces Urolithin A -- a molecule.

Here comes a protein to beat the signs of ageing

Scientists claim that it acts as a powerful protectant against radicals which are responsible for causing ageing.

How yoga can help you age gracefully!

Regular yoga practice can help fight chronic lifestyle diseases like hypertension, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, reproductory disorders, and respiratory and cardiovascular related health concerns.

Revealed: The secret to successful ageing!

Successful ageing was defined as including an absence of disability, depressive symptoms, cognitive impairment, respiratory symptoms, and chronic diseases including cancer, coronary artery disease, and stroke.

Five brilliant tips on age management!

While ageing is a biological mechanism, there are ways that can help delay or slow down the process.

Insomnia and ageing: How to get good night's sleep as you age!

Here are a few tips to help you overcome age-related sleep problems and enjoy a good night's rest.

Have scientists found the elixir of youth?

Researchers found that administering the vitamin nicotinamide riboside restores organs' regenerative capacities and delays ageing.

Top five home-made face packs to fight wrinkles!

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Regular exercise may delay brain ageing by a decade

Researchers claim that if old people want to want to keep a sharp memory while they are ageing, regular exercise is a must.

Take a test to find out - How old are you psychologically?

Take a test to find out - How old are you psychologically?

Our actual age may play a very insignificant role in determining our maturity level. 

Ageing begins even before you are born

The study showed that providing mothers with a diet loaded with antioxidants during pregnancy meant that their offspring aged more slowly during adulthood.

Forever young? Scientists claim breakthrough in anti-ageing treatment!

For the first time, researchers found that the activity of a key metabolic enzyme in human skin cells declines with age.

Impatient young women may age faster: Study

Researchers discovered that females who were identified as impatient had shorter telomere length.

How genetics regulate ageing

New research shows that a hormone instrumental in the ageing process is under genetic control.

How ageing rewires our brain

Past studies have shown that brain waves travelling at slower speeds tend to be important for memory while slightly faster speed brain waves play a role in our attention.

To achieve healthy ageing, keep surfing the web

In her dissertation, Larsson describes how health-promoting efforts aimed at the seniors can be developed.