Samantha Power

U.S. envoy hits back at suggestion U.S. provoked North Korea

United States decision to deploy an advanced anti-missile defence system in South Korea had provoked recent ballistic missile tests by North Korea.

Aug 04, 2016, 07:23 AM IST
US, EU protest UN decision to bar groups from AIDS meet

US, EU protest UN decision to bar groups from AIDS meet

The high-level meeting is aimed at fast-tracking measures to end the HIV epidemic by 2030.

May 18, 2016, 04:29 AM IST

US warns of `catastrophic` Iraq Mosul dam collapse

The dam in northern Iraq was built on an unstable foundation that continuously erodes.

Mar 10, 2016, 10:32 AM IST

Iran deal compliance so far 'strong': US envoy

Washington's UN ambassador Samantha Power said today that compliance with the Iran nuclear deal was so far "strong", but warned Tehran was still helping fuel conflict and remained a threat.

Feb 16, 2016, 03:06 AM IST

US envoy says little achieved in UN meeting with Burundi president

The 15-member council, which arrived in Burundi`s lakeside capital Bujumbura on Thursday, met with President Pierre Nkurunziza in Gitega for more than two hours.

Jan 23, 2016, 01:58 AM IST

WANTED: Women to run for office of UN secretary-general

The election process for the next UN secretary-general that could see a woman ascend to the leadership of the world body has been launched with the promise of openness and universal involvement.

Dec 16, 2015, 13:44 PM IST
Need more women in peacekeeping: US ambassador to UN

Need more women in peacekeeping: US ambassador to UN

 US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power on Friday lauded India's contribution to the UN peacekeeping operations and called for more women to play important roles in such missions.

Nov 20, 2015, 17:11 PM IST

US envoy visits red light area with DCW chief

They visited the local brothels in the area and interacted with the sex workers to understand their problems.

Nov 20, 2015, 10:37 AM IST

US will be isolated if it rejects Iran deal: UN envoy

The United States will be isolated on the world stage and its influence diminished if Congress rejects the Iran nuclear deal, the US ambassador to the United Nations has warned.

Aug 28, 2015, 00:18 AM IST

US calls for Burundi dialogue, threatens sanctions

The United States on Friday threatened to impose targeted sanctions on figures in Burundi`s government and opposition unless they re-open talks on the country`s worsening political crisis.

Aug 08, 2015, 01:49 AM IST

US calls on China to release detained women's rights activists

The United States called on China on Thursday to immediately release five women`s rights activists, who were detained for apparently planning to demonstrate against sexual harassment on public transport.


Mar 13, 2015, 06:17 AM IST

China asks UN to blackout NGO criticism: Diplomats

China has asked the United Nations to withhold the names of countries that criticize non-governmental organizations, diplomats said Thursday, in a move that raised transparency concerns.

Jan 30, 2015, 07:51 AM IST

US welcomes Security Council meeting on North Korea

The United States welcomed on Tuesday a UN Security Council decision to hold the first-ever meeting on North Korea`s rights record after weeks of discussion to address Chinese and Russian objections.

Dec 17, 2014, 00:44 AM IST

US fears Syrian chemical weapons falling to extremists: Samantha Power

The United States expressed concern Thursday that undeclared Syrian chemical weapons could fall into the hands of Islamic extremists.

Sep 05, 2014, 02:02 AM IST

US says Benghazi `ringleader` was planning new attacks

The suspected ringleader of the deadly 2012 assault on an American compound in Benghazi was planning new attacks on Americans, the United States says, defending the raid that captured the Libyan militant.

Jun 19, 2014, 06:53 AM IST

US tells South Sudan warring leaders to set date

The United States has pressed South Sudan`s warring leaders to set a date for face-to-face talks, urging the UN Security Council to consider sanctions to stop attacks on civilians.

May 03, 2014, 05:14 AM IST

UN sounds alarm over attacks of civilians in South Sudan

The United Nations sounded the alarm over an upsurge in vicious communal violence in conflict-hit South Sudan, after dozens were killed in an attack on civilians sheltering in a UN base.

Apr 18, 2014, 15:38 PM IST

United States urges Myanmar to ease tensions

The US ambassador to the UN urged Myanmar on Thursday to intervene to stop communal violence there and protect humanitarian workers in the volatile western state of Rakhine.

Apr 18, 2014, 11:45 AM IST

US has `deep concern` over Central Africa bloodshed: Power

Ambassador Samantha Power urged Djotodia to "ensure the arrest of perpetrators of recent atrocities," urging him to denounce violence and call for an immediate return to law and order, her office said yesterday.

Dec 09, 2013, 15:50 PM IST

China urges UN role on Syria after US gives up

Russia and China have both vetoed previous Western efforts to impose UN penalties on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Sep 06, 2013, 15:57 PM IST