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90 per cent seabirds have consumed plastic: Study

90 per cent seabirds have consumed plastic: Study

Majority of the world seabird species have plastic in their gut and 99 per cent will have gobbled down plastic by 2050.

Seabird population dropped 70 percent since 1950s

The world's monitored seabird population has dropped 70 percent since the 1950s, a stark indication that marine ecosystems are not doing well, says a study.

Ancient seabird fossil links New Zealand with Antarctica

A fossil of one of the world`s oldest flying seabirds has been found in New Zealand, linking the country to Antarctica when it was still being formed, scientists announced Wednesday.

Hormones dictate when young seabirds fly the nest

Seabirds feed their young less as they reach an age to fly the nest, but it’s hormones that actually control when the chicks leave home, reveals a new research.